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  1. smellsfishie
    07-22-2011 04:36 AM - permalink
    You can give your betta Top Fin tropical fish flakes, but I would not use it as his primary diet. In general, bettas do not like flakes, and they are not as easy for them to eat as a floating betta pellet. I would recommend Omega One betta pellets, as they seem to have the highest protein out of all the betta pellet diets I have looked at. (Protein is 43% I believe, whereas most others are around 32 or 35). I would also supplement his diet with frozen bloodworms, and frozen brine shrimp. You can try some of the other frozen fish foods for meat eating fish too, but it is hit or miss as to whether your betta will like them. Most like bloodworms and brine shrimp though.
  2. bettaloverforever16
    07-21-2011 11:24 PM - permalink
    Do you know if Top-fin Tropical fish flakes are OK to give Bettas?
  3. bettaloverforever16
    07-21-2011 10:48 PM - permalink
    Lol hey.
  4. smellsfishie
    07-21-2011 10:14 PM - permalink
    hi, new friend! :)
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