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Conversation Between Neil D and myfishjayne
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  1. Neil D
    06-11-2012 09:01 AM - permalink
    Neil D
    Yeah understandable.
  2. myfishjayne
    06-10-2012 07:51 PM - permalink
    Sad indeed...
    Naw. I don't have space right now, with a bird and a gunieapig cage already...
  3. Neil D
    06-10-2012 02:43 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    That's sad. :(

    Are you getting another?
  4. myfishjayne
    06-10-2012 12:33 PM - permalink
    Jayne, uh... He passed away like a month ago...
  5. Neil D
    06-09-2012 05:32 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    That is great. And a lot of work XD. You kinda skipped a betta. Or do you not have any?
  6. myfishjayne
    06-08-2012 11:56 AM - permalink
    Hehehehe. :D
    I have... A cat, a lizard, a bird, a gunieapig, and will soon have a lovely Old English Sheepdog. He's gonna be a show dog and win medals and everything! :D
  7. Neil D
    06-07-2012 08:44 AM - permalink
    Neil D
    lol yeah. 2 bettas, 3 goldfish, and a piggy. School is going to be a careful balancing act..
  8. myfishjayne
    06-07-2012 07:34 AM - permalink
    Awww. Birds are awesome. :D
    But I guess, if you have a fish and a guinea pig and... yeah. LoL!
  9. Neil D
    06-06-2012 09:41 AM - permalink
    Neil D
    haha no.
  10. myfishjayne
    06-06-2012 05:42 AM - permalink
    Sweet! You have birds to??
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