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Conversation Between Silverfang and namelessfish
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  1. namelessfish
    07-05-2011 03:55 PM - permalink
    hi. you gave me advice a few days ago about my blue VT who had hurt his tail because of tailbiting. well i figured id give you a follow up. so this morning i was cleaning his tank and realized that a "betta" cave i had recently purchased had some sharp edges on the inside. however, for some reason or another, i put the cave back into the poor guy's tank because i had used it with other tanks and nothing bad had happened. well two hours later i go and look into his tank...he is missing many scales on his forehead (which look like they might have bled a bit) and has a small hole in one of his fins. i immediately removed the cave of death and threw it away. im so upset but at least i discovered what was causing his injuries. im already on the 3rd day of the salt treatment, i should continue this treatment even though it probably isnt tail biting, right?
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