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  1. vaygirl
    07-14-2011 09:43 PM - permalink
    I'll watch it tomorrow! That's so interesting about the face. Molly can read me like a book. That's probably why! For as long as we've been together, dogs and people, I'm not surprised. Molly goes everywhere with me. She's my constant companion. And it's natural to us. I wanna watch it tomorrow! Aren't there two up on Netflix? I put them both in my list.
  2. laughing
    07-14-2011 09:22 PM - permalink
    Yes, yes, yes! What'd they eat before people?!

    I watched it on Netflix, it was so awesome! The information was crazy to me, I never thought how connected they really were to humans. One that stood out was that when people look at other people, we look at the left side of their face, especially when reading emotion. So far, no other animal has looked at that side of out faces. They tested dogs, and on other dogs and objects (like balls, houses, etc) they just randomly looked around, but when shown a human face, immediately they looked to the left!

    They really can read our emotion! :0 You NEED to watch it, it will change you.
  3. vaygirl
    07-14-2011 09:16 PM - permalink
    I wanted to see that! I think it's on Netflix right now. I just always go with this when talking to people about it (I know I said it before): Dogs have been around for 15000 years. Dog food has only been used for 50. :P
  4. laughing
    07-14-2011 08:33 PM - permalink
    I just watched the Nova study on dogs, and found their genes to wolves are 99% identical, and their internally built the same, just no longer structurally. That's so crazy to me! Every single breed came from wolves, no other "dog like" animal.

    Yeah, I hate IAMS. There is no nutritional value and the caloric content is so low that it's just a waste of money to me... They'd be saving so much.

    I have to be sneaky about this >_> LOL!
  5. vaygirl
    07-14-2011 07:59 PM - permalink
    Good luck with that! Iams is no good, even among dog foods. I remember when it first came out it was supposed to be primo stuff. We're slowly getting a better education on what dogs should eat. Inside they are identical to a wolf, no matter what breed they are. All their internal parts are still wolfy! :)
  6. laughing
    07-14-2011 02:06 PM - permalink
    Uh ya, and she loved it! ;D

    I hate that reeking breath smell >_> At least after a bit of time it starts to go away. Some stanky breath is worth the health!

    My guy's family has a Miniature Schnauzer (who I feel really bad for) and he's on IAMS. Gah. His mom always says "he has a sensitive stomach and this is all we can feed him". No, he has a sensitive stomach because you're pumping straight grain/fillers into his system. -.- So I'm trying to convince my guy, because then he'll push it to his mom, and she'll listen to him.

    I was just like, "Hey, did you know he'll only need 2% of his body weight in raw? He's only 20lbs, right? Then you'll only be feeding him less than half a pound a day!" He looks all confused and asks how much he's eating now, and I tell him a whole bowl full of food, and then I tell him he could feed him for less than $15 monthly.

    Baby steps, baby steps!!
  7. vaygirl
    07-13-2011 10:26 PM - permalink
    She ate the heck out of it. But she's sitting next to me right now and I can literally smell it on her breath at about 4 ft away. :/ It's like she ate a dead animal. Beef, green tripe, chicken, chicken bone, brocolli, carrots, cabbage, beef hearts, beef liver and garlic. Wait, she DID eat a dead animal. :P I'll survive. She's happy, I'm happy. I did add her Sojos oatmeal to it. To soften the smell. LOL.
  8. laughing
    07-13-2011 05:20 PM - permalink
    I KNOW!! Dogs like the smelly junk ;) The week old chicken sitting on the counter, the hot pizza that fell on the floor, the rank milk in the fridge, it's how they roll! LOL

    I hope she loves it if you're dealing with tripe! Cuz we all love half digested food from a sheep intestine, right??
  9. vaygirl
    07-13-2011 03:35 PM - permalink
    Got Molly's Healthy Paws food. OMG! It smells SO bad. Green tripe. SO SMELLY! So naturally she likes it. :P
  10. laughing
    07-03-2011 12:41 PM - permalink
    Thank you, thank you!

    One side of my face has almost all the swelling gone, but the other not so much... My mother-in-law is concerned that I am allergic to the dissolving stitching! Which could definitely be it because if I skip a dose of Benadryl I am right back to being a blimp.

    I'd rather be allergic to this stitching than this anesthesia, because I will probably need a surgery in the future, but not stitching!

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