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  1. laughing
    08-01-2011 05:29 PM - permalink
    Bwahahaha! Molly cracks me up!! I think my dogs pull my leg sometimes too... ;) I've heard dogs love those kinds of toys, but never had them.

    I am considering waiting a few more years for my Rottweiler now. All local houses/apartments are strict against them, and it wouldn't be fair to get one and a couple years later send him back to the breeder because he can't stay wherever I move. (I have found maybe 2 places that are okay with them out of maybe 50-75!!)

    So now considering getting a Dane again, but an oldie from breed specific shelter. If not, then some oldie mutt from the humane society. I love oldies! They are just so adorable to me... And puppy phases aren't fun.. >_> But this won't be for maybe 6 months or so.
  2. vaygirl
    07-31-2011 04:08 PM - permalink
    I think I typed in argument invalid in google search. There are hundreds of em! The best one is Nicolas Cage with a bird on his head. :P

    He's SUCH a cutie! I love freckles. <3

    LOL @ couch and patience. We get Molly these toys that have smaller toys inside for her to pull out and she totally loves them. She'll pull them all out and bring them to my husband one by one but she won't retrieve the log that you put them in. We tried SO hard last night to get her to understand that we wanted that log and I'm still not entirely sure she wasn't messing with us. :P
  3. laughing
    07-31-2011 03:29 PM - permalink
    h tt p: / /w w w.azhumane.o r g/ tml

    I found the male version of Molly! Remove the spaces :)
  4. laughing
    07-31-2011 12:18 PM - permalink
    I love your avatar, LOL!!! Where'd you find that??
  5. laughing
    07-31-2011 12:17 PM - permalink
    A friend who is into them a LOT said in urban areas, pits (full and mix) make up to 75% of the dogs in the shelter, and in the United States alone, there are over 800,000 of them homeless in shelters! So not including strays or anything.. it's such a pity.

    The over breeding is what is making them neurological messes as well... I wish people would stop, and we could make a 'clean slate' for the breed because they are amazing dogs with fierce loyalty and highly trainable.

    It's not just the working ability, it is the size! Anything small (I.e. any pit bull type) we beef up, anything big (I.e. Great Danes) we dainty down. You're right with the fact that here in the US we don't want working dogs most of the time, I know you didn't buy Molly for her to track and hunt with you! Lol! But we water down breeds in all aspects which I loathe. A Rottweiler in Euro has such a drive, high intelligence, able to independently think, etc and US, well, you better have a couch and some patience! :)
  6. vaygirl
    07-30-2011 07:44 PM - permalink
    I love pit bulls, I think they're wonderful dogs but they're so overbred. Every shelter in my area has just SO many of them. They're loaded with them. Our dogs don't work. I guess that's part of the problem. They need jobs! :P

    And thank you! I love her. She's the sunshine of my day. <3 And I full admit that I don't think Molly couldn't smell her way out of a paper bag. :P She can find dog poop, goose poop, any poop really (to eat, ugh!!!) but we've been within 10 feet of deer on many occasions and she's completely missed their presence. She relies on sight too much. She's got great chin/neck wrinkles though, so really, she has no excuse. She's just pitiful. Probably like you said, bad breeding.

    I'd like to have a true Artesian someday but it would have to come from Europe too.
  7. laughing
    07-30-2011 07:05 PM - permalink
    Omg! She is a cutie! She looks like a Beagle, just longer everywhere ;) I can see exactly what you mean 100%.

    There are so many kinds of lines in breeds I find it fascinating.. especially English vs American lines. What I hate about America is we ruin a lot of purity.. I.e. American Labrador Retrievers are very watered-down when it comes to drive, hunting skills, etc compared to English. American Dobermans are nothing compared to Euro lines working wise. 'Pit bull' breeds in America look like they're on steroids or something!

    I prefer Euro lines, thank you! <3
  8. vaygirl
    07-30-2011 06:13 PM - permalink
    She was pretty much knocked out. :P

    Conformation sounds neat. I could never get Molly in conformation. She's fiddle footed and she definitely looks more like and Artesian Basset Normand then a classic wrinkly Basset. She's AKC but that doesn't mean as much nowadays.

    But it's good for us that her back legs are longer. She has no trouble with furniture. I've been wondering lately if one of her parents weren't Artesian. She looks so much more like them. She doesn't even have face wrinkles. I'll pm you pics!
  9. laughing
    07-29-2011 06:01 PM - permalink
    Conformation is the judging of how a dog is built, and how well they are for breeding stock! YouTube "Rottweiler Crufts" and a link to 2007 Crufts will pop up. It won't let me post links to you.

    BRING ON THE RAIN!!! Your girl shoud sleep right through it ;)

    I love him tooo <3
  10. vaygirl
    07-29-2011 05:58 PM - permalink
    Awwwwwwww, what a pretty boy. He's so pretty! I love the shape of his head. What's conformation? I've always wanted to train Molly to track.

    You'll find the right dog. You know what you want and the work that's involved and that's such a good thing. Some people just grab a dog from Craigslist and then wonder why they're having problems.

    We have storms rolling in and I just dosed Molly with 58mg of benadryl! Bring the rain!
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