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Conversation Between youlovegnats and BettaGirl290
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  1. BettaGirl290
    08-28-2011 09:05 PM - permalink
    lol yeah they ARE awesome :D
  2. youlovegnats
    08-28-2011 09:00 PM - permalink
    OH! Lol, yes that's a very adult movie. xD I'm 21 xDD

    But yes, their music is awweessoommeee! :)
  3. BettaGirl290
    08-28-2011 08:43 PM - permalink
    no i haven't, but thats cool (im only 10 so i don't think i can watch it) o_o
  4. youlovegnats
    08-28-2011 08:38 PM - permalink
    Haha, they're good aren't they!? :D
    Those are my to fav. songs right now. >< Have you seen the Hangover 2? One of their songs is in that! :DD
  5. BettaGirl290
    08-26-2011 08:37 PM - permalink
    lol i love moar ghosts and stuff, and the original ghosts and stuff, and move for me...... i like his other songs, but i forgot xO
  6. youlovegnats
    08-26-2011 03:45 PM - permalink
    xD Deadmau5 is my life. lol. They're pretty much all I listen to right now. :3
  7. BettaGirl290
    08-26-2011 12:33 PM - permalink
    i has heard you like Deadmau5...... talk. o_O
  8. youlovegnats
    05-29-2011 04:27 PM - permalink
    bwahaha, of course I'll draw him for ya! ;)
  9. BettaGirl290
    05-26-2011 11:50 PM - permalink
    uggh, i want SOMEONE to do drawings of ritotini, but no one will, will you?
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