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Conversation Between youlovegnats and Betta Slave
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  1. youlovegnats
    07-25-2011 11:15 AM - permalink
    Hahaha, thanks so much! :D Now I have to do the hard part...waiting ><
  2. Betta Slave
    07-24-2011 10:13 AM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Aww D: That's too bad. I wish you luck for your next try :P
  3. youlovegnats
    07-24-2011 09:20 AM - permalink
    Yup! Hopefully it will work out. She was in there 2 days and no nest from Mars! D:
    Then they mated - I thought about saving the eggs- but I just left them. :/ He's not an egg eater, so something must have been wrong with them. :<
  4. Betta Slave
    07-23-2011 09:25 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Naw, I'm sorry :( That really sucks. Are you gonna try again in a few weeks?
  5. youlovegnats
    07-23-2011 12:50 PM - permalink
    Yeah, he actually ate all the eggs! :(
  6. Betta Slave
    07-22-2011 01:34 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    I hope your spawning goes well... It's so frustrating, huh? -.-
  7. youlovegnats
    07-21-2011 02:49 PM - permalink
    D:< I knooww And I just found out that I had to do training today... -__- sooo that was another 2 hours added onto my schedule... AAAHHH 7 hrs today!!! @__@;
    I'm trying to spawn my two CT's....aanndd it's becoming quite a hassle. Mars (the male) won't stop picking on little Ran! She's doing her wiggle dance, clamped fins, submissive, and has bars....and when Mars comes up to her she bows down, and then! He starts nipping her! Poor girl. *keeps eyes on spawning tank*
  8. Betta Slave
    07-21-2011 11:33 AM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Bah, that sucks, your work schedule. :S Glad the pets are good though. :)
  9. youlovegnats
    07-20-2011 08:51 PM - permalink
    Hahaha, yeah I had the same feeling here. D: DONE.
    Weeelll, I didn't get much time at home today- I work from 12-5 boo lame. But the pets all seem well and healthy :)
  10. Betta Slave
    07-20-2011 08:32 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    I just... I've grown to dislike the sound D:> After six years I went "scroo this" and that was that. -.-

    So how are you and the pets today? lol
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