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  1. LasColinasCichlids
    11-13-2011 05:57 PM - permalink
    Glad to hear all your fish are doing great! The cherry shrimp tank sounds awesome! I had wanted to do one myself... might down the road. Right now I have my 29g how I want it exactly with full stock and fully planted. My 15g currently has a small cichlid in it, it was a pitty purchase, as at the time the tank was empty and the little guy looked like he needed a better home. Its just him in the tank. I am hoping to find him a new home in the new year. Havent decided what to do with the 15g after that. I might break it down and wait to do anything with it, as we plan to move next fall, and moving the 29g tank will be all the fun I can handle! LOL
  2. LasColinasCichlids
    11-09-2011 10:25 AM - permalink
    Morning, Gwen! Yes, all is fine. I have just been super busy lately with the holidays coming up and babysitting my nephew for my sister full time. I also had my mother in town for 3 weeks recently. All is well with me, and my fishies, thanks for checking in on me. How are you?
  3. brackish1
    07-17-2011 01:12 AM - permalink
    bless him! Mine had a bark and warning growl that would send grown men weak at the knees - but had absolutely NOTHING to back it up lol. The volume and low pitch of his warning bark would make the hairs on your neck stand up, but he would run away and hide down the side of the bed if approached. Beautiful dog and sadly missed
  4. brackish1
    07-15-2011 02:22 PM - permalink
    is that yr cool dude on the sofa? I had a rottie and he died the day my daughter was born. Nature is a funny thing hu? x
  5. brackish1
    07-13-2011 04:27 PM - permalink
    thanks for yr help Gwen :)
  6. LasColinasCichlids
    07-04-2011 04:06 PM - permalink
    There are other ways to get lower pH, I believe peat moss lowers it some, but I guess that depends on what your normal settled pH is. I have the perfect water for Rams, and only due to lack of research have I not thought of getting them prior. Believe it or not, my local Petsmart has better lookings Blue Rams than my lfs. Plus my lfs sells the balloon belly rams, which is a hybrid deformation, so I am against that, and they just look weird and uncomfortable, poor guys. $2.50 isnt bad. If I do the puffers, I am going to have to always keep frozen food on hand verses just flakes, so I know what you mean with the whole commitment thing for the fish. I hope it all works out nicely for you, keep me posted!!!
  7. LasColinasCichlids
    07-04-2011 03:03 PM - permalink
    YAY! Glad to hear!! And rams and cardinals are a great combo!!! Cant wait for those pics!!!
    I agree with your husband on the difficulty of tankmates for puffers. I am debating, but I think I am going to go ahead and do the puffers if my lfs has them in next Wednesday. I have been wanting them for a while, and I am finally going to be in a spot where I can with the proper tank size and decor as well as having plenty of pond snails on hand. Blue Rams were my next thought for my 15g!! Great minds think alike!! :) Good luck with the new tank babies!!!
  8. LasColinasCichlids
    07-01-2011 09:58 PM - permalink
    I know what you mean! I am in the process of re-arranging fish around... trying to get the lowest maintenance ones altogether in my 29g with the original thought of DPs in my 15g... now I dont know if I want to. I just want some beautiful yet low maintenance fish! I always seem to get the ones that have too many special requirements or special foods. Except for snails and otos, I hope to get my 29g down to just the cherry barbs and add the rasboras and betta in from my 15g... and even thinking of getting rid of all my current cories except maybe my julii if my LFS has them in, and then I will just do some julii. Which still leaves me to think on my 15g stock. The hardest part is the thought!!! Here to help brainstorm if you need it. I too am open to stock ideas on the 15g if you have any... 15g, planted, 6.2pH, soft water. :)
  9. LasColinasCichlids
    07-01-2011 09:00 PM - permalink
    Shrimp and dwarf puffers are a gamble. Some puffers either dont notice or dont care and the shrimp live. Other puffers value them as a tasty treat to tear to shreds. I'm hoping to get my hands on a trio of DPs for my 15g here in a couple of weeks, and I think I am not even going to try to house them with an oto, just going to keep it them. Any other options you are considering for your free tank???
  10. LasColinasCichlids
    06-30-2011 06:21 PM - permalink
    Glad the meanie is finding a new home. The reason those cichlids shouldnt be in that size tank is because they need a lot of them to spread out their aggression issues, and they get about 4-5". Two in that tank size, no matter the decor or amount of plants, will have issues that could escalate to the death of one of them eventually. Rams are the only cichlids I can think of that would safely be housed, and happily, in that tank size. Plus, Rams also have other non-cichlid tankmates you can get as they arent as aggressive and mean as most others. And with Blue Rams, you get great coloring that would stand out, and you could get a few in there easily without many issues, especially if you get the sex ratio right. Let me know what you end up doing.

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