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Conversation Between Guppie luver and SillyCone
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  1. Guppie luver
    06-16-2011 11:40 AM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    Ha well got a sorority and you no the normal with fish.
  2. SillyCone
    06-16-2011 11:26 AM - permalink
    nah lol, I'm already with too much tanks, I need a break from all of this or it will drive me nuts! Lol! Besides I have a sonority in a 10g now, small one, but at least I'm happy with it =]

    How about you? Just noticed your bday is the same as my mum's.. lol!
  3. Guppie luver
    06-16-2011 11:24 AM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    Get a betta get a sorority of bettas get a 20 gal. long tank and divide it for male bettas.
  4. SillyCone
    06-16-2011 11:21 AM - permalink
    I'm fine lol! Sat is my bday and my family is driving me nuts making me wish for something for my birthday... But I'm way spoiled already, idk what I want >_>!
  5. Guppie luver
    06-16-2011 11:17 AM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    I'm good and we haven't talked in a long time I haven't been here so you know how are you?
  6. SillyCone
    06-16-2011 11:15 AM - permalink
    hey! How are you? Haven't talked with you for a while xD
  7. Guppie luver
    06-16-2011 11:13 AM - permalink
    Guppie luver
  8. Guppie luver
    05-26-2011 05:08 PM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    Ya and she was having some fry from before I got her and so I can see her prob.
  9. SillyCone
    05-26-2011 05:05 PM - permalink
    Aww don't feel bad, think about she died happily because you tried your best for her =]
  10. Guppie luver
    05-26-2011 05:03 PM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    haha nice well it is because I got her from a friend who was over run with guppies so she gave me them and it have a burn on its side so I knew she wasn't lasting long so.
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