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  1. indjo
    11-13-2011 07:55 AM - permalink
    Hmmm.... what do you mean by "aggressive" and "in the mood"?
    If you mean the male is vicious, always biting the female, try making your female aggressive by flaring her to another female. Make her "want" to spawn. Usually vicious males will not be that cruel towards aggressive females compared to females that are too cautious.

    Another way is to use a lot of plants - where the male can't easily go to when the females dashes away.

    If the male doesn't want to breed (doesn't flirt swim) try flare him to another male for a very long time. Make him feel he's fighting. tapping his fins with a very thin stick often helps. I often flare my reluctant males for an hour. Oh ... make sure that the male is healthy and active because this may stress him out.
  2. GreenTea
    11-12-2011 04:10 PM - permalink
    I miss talking with you! I need help getting an aggressive male in the mood...
  3. indjo
    11-02-2011 11:00 AM - permalink
    If you give up I don't have anyone to compare notes with... lol.

    Seriously, larger giants (above 6cm BO) are harder to spawn (apparently) because they don't move much .... at least all of mine (3) don't. But the younger/smaller ones are very active - like regular bettas.

    I plan to make a thread on my breeding - waiting until the 4th month.

    Well, good luck on your giants.
  4. GreenTea
    11-01-2011 07:06 PM - permalink
    Thanks for your kind words. I'll be attempting to spawn again tomorrow assuming the giants are strong when they get here, the breeder has been conditioning them for me.
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