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Barrel Pond
This is an album showing the progress of my barrel pond project I started 9 months ago. If anyone has any questions about how to set up their own please feel free to ask.
The pond as of yesterday 1/10/11
The pond as of yesterday 1/10/11
My big black Oranda goldfish named Jupiter :) I have 2 comet goldfish, a red capped oranda and the black oranda in the pond. They have been in there...
2 months after adding the water hyacinth it has taken over the pond. I have to take bits over every now and then.
Water hyacinth will bloom cute purple flowers  in the summer
Red capped Oranda
A week after I added the plants I added some feeder goldfish
2 weeks later the water hyacinth has grown A LOT! It grows very fast in the summer, you will eventually have to pull some out and throw it away....
I got some Parrots Feather, Primrose Creeper, and Water Hyacinth for the pond. The water hyacinth helps oxygenate that water as well as acting as a...
It's been 2 days since I added the anacharis. You can already see it working to clear the water.
One day after adding the anacharis
After letting the barrel soak for 3 weeks to get the alcohol out of the wood I put in 40 stems of anacharis to clear and oxygenate the water.
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