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  1. GwenInNM
    06-30-2011 05:37 PM - permalink
    Hi Amanda, Hey, I found a guy on this site, who lives near me and he's going to take my "mean" male Gourami from me today. That means I will have back my approx 25 gal tank to restock. I was reading a thread where you were offering advise on Chilcilds so, I'm going to ask you, as you seem to have great knowledge :)
    I would really like to get a couple of those yellow electric guys, and do see that it's suggested for a minimum tank of 55 gal. Do you not think I could put 2 in my tank, since it is so heavily planted? I can't get anymore tanks right now, and if I can't do that I'd have to think what to put in there. Sometimes stocking is half the fun, I've decided! My female Gourami is doing great with all the other fishes, and I think I've found a good home for my bully. He's being picked up tonight :)

  2. GwenInNM
    05-23-2011 08:06 PM - permalink
    No, I haven't. I did get another Bamboo shrimp, that I put in with him. Poor little guy is so afraid, he just sits in one spot (not fan feeding). I hope he comes around. The gourami isn't bothering him, but I'm not likely to get other fish - he is just not going to be good with other fish. I spot him chasing the oto cats when they move around - he doesn't hurt them, but he seems to like to go after anything that moves, so I think regular fish are out. The tank isn't that big, and having him alone in there may be just the thing to do - with of course, the Bamboo shrimp and 3 otos.
  3. GwenInNM
    05-19-2011 06:59 PM - permalink

    I'm not interested in the look of Cherry Barbs. I'm being fussy. LOL!! I posted for others to weigh in. . I'll see what I get. I'm thinking catfish of various types would be good, but I'd like to have something that swims mid level, but I'm thinking my nasty male would harrass them. I wouldn't mind placing him, but I'm weird about committing to animals, and I'd only do it if I could find a better home than me. :) Keep in touch, I'm glad things are going good for you. I have no problems with my female Opaline, but the male if a totally different story. The female is so happy with her tankmates.
  4. GwenInNM
    05-19-2011 04:25 PM - permalink
    Amanda, I have not decided on another fish. I'm also wondering if I could put some cardinal tetras in with my male Gourami? He's all by himself (3 otos too) but I'd like to add more to the tank. I'm worried he'll bully, but perhaps not a group of schooling fish. What do you know about Gourami's with cardinal tetras? Gwen
  5. GwenInNM
    05-17-2011 07:55 PM - permalink
    How's it going with your female Blue Gourami? I still haven't decided it I'm going to get another Bolivian ram, I think I will though. Waiting to feel up to spending another $16.00. If I had got that fish at one of the big box fish stores, they guarantee 15 days, but the store I got him only does a 3 day guarantee.
  6. GwenInNM
    05-15-2011 06:45 PM - permalink
    My little Bolivian Ram (Bogie) has passed. So sad. I guess with every loss there is something to learn. They are very timid fish (I didn't know that) and if I get another (which I think I will) I will have to either syringe feed it, at least till it figures out how to be as assertive as the Rainbows, because Rainbows are such aggressive eaters, I think it was a combination of him not getting food and then being exposed to ammonia because I was over feeding to make sure he got food, and didn't realize I'd get ammonia (I was just testing for nitrates) and they are also extremely sensitive to ammonia. I buried him in the ground next to a geranium plant I have.

  7. GwenInNM
    05-14-2011 10:08 PM - permalink
    Your tank looks fantastic! Your little girls looks good too. I'm sure you'll have no problems. I can't tell you how well mine does with all the fish I have. Not a mean bone in her body, and I know she was soooo happy to get away from my meanie male! I'd have a female now anyday - and the male is no more attractive than she. I posted in the disease section, thanks for that. I'm not hopeful, but perhaps someone will have some idea of how to help. I think I know the reason now, and it's my fault - dummy, dummy me - I would have never suspected ammonia, but sure enough I had a small amount, so that may be the cultprit, and apparently Bolivian Rams are very sensitive to this, so I may end up killing the poor thing :(
  8. andromaeda
    05-09-2011 01:46 AM - permalink
    I dunno, I'm really loving the super bright colored fish. I've really been looking into the cardinal tetras but I don't want to keep just one kind of fish in there. I really hope I can find those Black Ruby Barbs, I think those and the tetras will make good tankmates. The only problem I see is I read somewhere that the Black Ruby Barbs were red listed or something. But I'm not sure. My husband keeps trying to get me to say yes to some kind of catfish, I keep telling him no cause they all get too big for our tanks and I worry about putting any other kinds of fish in my Cichlid Tank cause for the most part it's hit or miss for anything that you put with the Mbuna's. I've heard of them getting along fine with some fish and then I hear about them tearing the same fish up. I'm really looking into getting a bottom feeder for my 55 after is cycles any ideas?
  9. GwenInNM
    04-30-2011 09:28 PM - permalink
    Okay, doing more reading, I'm starting to re-think the puffer thing. They are so cute, and I could keep just one. I also can seed from my existing tanks, so that could speed things up. I'm excited about this. My husband will roll his eyes, he thinks I've flipped my lid with the fish thing. LOL!!
  10. GwenInNM
    04-30-2011 08:50 PM - permalink
    Was just looking at the Endler - they are so tiny and can be kept in a 5 gal. I'd like a DP but I'm worried i couldn't keep the water quality up to par, they are messy eaters, but that is a possibility. They are so cute. Need lots of plants, and this is a tank I saw on Craigslist, and it has a heater and top, but I doubt the light is right for live plants. I'm not sure about that?? I would love to do live plants because that is what I have in my other tanks. Thanks for the good suggestions. Shrimp tank would be cool, but I read it needs to be "old" and established. That would mean lots of patience :)

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