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  1. badxgillen
    12-01-2010 11:01 AM - permalink
    i atight cover is your best friend in cool weather....ant drafts can take away lots a heat from the surface of the aquarium....and as temps cool the air usualy becomes dryer hence evaporation...sometimes i cut a piece of old styrafoam to fill in the back of my glass tops in really cold times....and as far as tanks go i like the 40 gallon breeder as it has much floor space and a shallow depth for better light penetration....but if its for comunity fishes and nothing large a 55 works is quite a show and piecese that fit a 55 are more readily can do 2 24 inch tops and fixtures or get a 48 inch flourescent top for really cheap swap out one bulb for a 6500kelvin tube from a hardware store for a few bucks and your ready to roll...dont like the looks get or build a canopy...once again the 55 is a pretty universal build....i am sure i will see yah around...ADIOS..
  2. combray
    12-01-2010 09:51 AM - permalink
    Very clever. That would be especially convenient for the heating as we tend to keep our home rather cool. Going into winter (in Ohio) I've been concerned about the temperature in my tanks. Running separate heaters could get costly.

    For the time being I am planning on adding either a 40 gallon long or a 55 gallon to my other tanks.

    This forum and the knowledge of everyone is such a boon to newbies like myself.
  3. badxgillen
    11-30-2010 09:59 PM - permalink
    if you ever do want to do that many tanks and not rack up the power bill is to run a sump underneath that pumps the water up through a spray bar or tubing and then drains through gravity to the sump resivour wich is heater X-tanks....the same with my filters i run one pump and a gang valve to sponge can add more filteration on the sump to polish the water..
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