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Conversation Between baylee767 and DormDrax
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  1. baylee767
    12-02-2010 11:24 AM - permalink
    That's great!

    If he's full of energy than it's not effecting him severly or he hasn't had it long. Maybe it's going to go away on its own, if nothing happened. Crossed fingers!
  2. DormDrax
    12-02-2010 03:32 AM - permalink
    *Whacks with Lamp*

    ... The link doesn't want to work ok... SO Google 'Betta does Popeye hurt?' Scroll down to the link that says 'Betta/w Popeye - Emergency Room- Help - Flippers and Fins-
    Go to Mattsmommy2's post and click on the highlighted 'Popeye' word takes you to a HUGE database on causes

    Yes I need to treat the Popeye as soon as possible but didn't want to hear your comment about death haha. That site explains that Popeye can be Dozens of things and in some cases it just goes away. Drax seems VERY happy at the moment so I can at least rest easy that he's not in pain from it but (ALOT of people who give me advice seem to skip where I mention this but) BUT I will be getting him treatment, may take a few days but from that site... his eye isn't too swollen and hasn't gotten bigger since yesterday so (Just saying this so I won't be a wreck during classes tomorrow, my first class involves actual clients for Graphic Design, called 'Design Studio')
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