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Conversation Between ChelseaK and MrVampire181
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  1. ChelseaK
    03-07-2011 06:57 PM - permalink
    Sounds good!
  2. MrVampire181
    03-07-2011 06:46 AM - permalink
    Ok well it worked out!! I will check your forecast when I pack them.
  3. ChelseaK
    03-07-2011 12:11 AM - permalink
    Thanks! Don't worry about it, I've actually been holding a male for a friend so I didn't have the room yet anyway! (I talked her into buying a gorgeous halfmoon last week and she had to wait for more money to buy a tank) But he will be leaving me on Saturday so I'll be all set for Monday! Can't wait to see them!
    It's been warming up quite a bit here too, a little cold at night, but maybe not so much by next week.
    Thanks again!
  4. MrVampire181
    03-06-2011 10:53 PM - permalink
    I will be shipping them next Monday. So so so so SORRY for the wait. I just shipped to New York via Priority and the box went as far down as 15F but both males made it in perfect condition. I only use the best shipping methods, heat packs, and insulation.
  5. MrVampire181
    03-05-2011 01:19 PM - permalink
    Ok so I got your male healed up but he's a little sluggish so I will hold them for one more week. Sorry for the wait...
  6. MrVampire181
    02-22-2011 03:56 PM - permalink
    You can use some indian almond leaves to fix that.
  7. ChelseaK
    02-22-2011 03:48 PM - permalink
    I don't have the softest water here (city water, ugh), do you think Crowntails would still be okay? I have CT females but of course their rays are not as long.
  8. MrVampire181
    02-22-2011 03:47 PM - permalink
    Sure thing :) Cambos/reds and yellows. Got it :)
  9. ChelseaK
    02-22-2011 03:45 PM - permalink
    Oohh! If you are heading somewhere anyway, want to see if you can get me any yellows? I don't really even care the tail type, but I'd love to have a yellow line, maybe even more than cambodians. The girl I wanted to breed, as she got older, her finnage wasn't looking as good, but I still love her to death!
  10. MrVampire181
    02-22-2011 02:41 PM - permalink
    I can just re-sell them or keep them. I'm taking my IBC handbook so I can get you a nice pair :)
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