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Conversation Between binumee and kaythenewbie
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  1. kaythenewbie
    10-05-2010 11:58 AM - permalink
    Wow. You must really really love bettas. I can't even imagine how long all those water changes take. I've only got one male betta right now. His name is Patriot. He loves attention and is always showing off for me. I call him 'my little flirt'. Ha ha. I'm thinking about getting a female betta for my community tank, but I haven't decided yet. Do you have any other fish or just bettas?
  2. binumee
    10-01-2010 12:08 PM - permalink
    So how r u and ur Betta fish - convey my regards to ur betta fish.
    U know i love Betta Fish - so i thought to have lot of Betta Fish at home - its great pleasure to have lot of betta fish at home u know now i have around 75 Male Betta and around 50 Female betta fish - still feeling like increasing the number of my betta fish collection - how many do u have and tell about ur betta fish
  3. kaythenewbie
    10-01-2010 11:52 AM - permalink
    Hi! My betta's doing great. He's way active, always swimming around and showing off his pretty fins. I just looked at your betta collection-WOW! You have a lot of bettas! Are you keeping them all or are you a breeder/seller?
  4. binumee
    09-30-2010 12:23 PM - permalink
    So how his ur betta fish doing now - his active now
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