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Conversation Between Rawriie and TigerLily
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  1. TigerLily
    10-04-2010 02:29 AM - permalink
    I used playground sand (purchased from Lowe's or Home Depot), and rinsed it very well in warm water. I still used my siphon to clean the tank, I just held the siphon above the sand, and it picked up everything laying on top.
  2. Rawriie
    10-03-2010 07:06 PM - permalink
    Where did joo buy your sand? I went to three different petstores and none had any Dx Can you still use the siphon to get the sand out? && is there any brand or kind of sand I (if I wanna get some) should look for?
  3. TigerLily
    10-03-2010 06:56 PM - permalink
    Really, I love the way sand looks. To me, it appears more natural than most gravel that's available. It's not any harder to clean when it comes to water changes, it just takes a little longer to rinse before putting it in the tank.
  4. Rawriie
    10-02-2010 09:28 PM - permalink
    Why do u prefer sand? :O Do you still have some in your aquarium?~ Thanks for helping btw!!!
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