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Conversation Between Chibi Love and Betta Slave
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  1. Chibi Love
    09-11-2010 08:26 PM - permalink
    Chibi Love
    Definitely! They are just AWESOME!

    I saw your Betta pictures, they look AMAZING! I can't believe you have so many! How do you manage to take care of them?
  2. Betta Slave
    09-11-2010 07:09 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Yea, I saw ^-^

    XDD How can you not love bettas, honestly? They're so adorable :D
  3. Chibi Love
    09-11-2010 06:23 PM - permalink
    Chibi Love
    Yeah, I told my mom today and she said she will try to buy me a heater for both of my aquariums. ^.^

    I will make sure to post more pictures of all my fishes in my album. You can check them out there.

    They are so adorable. I love them so much!
  4. Betta Slave
    09-10-2010 11:23 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Alright, yeah, he needs a heater as you probably already know.

    More pics of him please ^-^
  5. Chibi Love
    09-10-2010 07:15 PM - permalink
    Chibi Love
    Thank you!

    Yes, he does change his color back.

    I've had him since September 31 and no, I don't have a heater. I haven't been able to buy one yet. I make sure to keep his lid on that way the temperature doesn't change fast. I also try to add water to his tank so that his water stays warm enough for him.
  6. Betta Slave
    09-10-2010 08:33 AM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Don't worry! Ask as many questions as you want. :)

    He's probably a bit in stress from the water temperature. He does change back though, yes?

    And how long have you had him? They do take a while to warm up to their tanks. Otherwise his color seems fantastic! Do you have a heater in the tank?
  7. Chibi Love
    09-10-2010 01:20 AM - permalink
    Chibi Love
    Okay, then I will make sure to put the flowerpot instead and make sure to rinse it with hot water. :)

    I'm very new to this and don't really know much about taking care of a Betta. I have noticed that my Betta changes colors whenever I change the water. Is that okay? He also seems to like hiding behind the filter a lot. I'm worried there may be something I'm doing wrong.

    Is it okay if I ask you questions about my Betta? I don't know what to do. I want my Betta to feel happy and safe with me and his new home.

    Please if you have any tips or anything you consider I may need to know, let me know. I would really appreciate it.
  8. Betta Slave
    09-10-2010 12:50 AM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    I wouldn't use it- the chemicals in it could hurt your fish.

    And no problem :)
  9. Chibi Love
    09-10-2010 12:49 AM - permalink
    Chibi Love
    Thanks for the tip! I will take that in consideration.

    I have a plastic pot, do you think that will work?
  10. Betta Slave
    09-07-2010 10:54 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    For pots (flower pots, I'm assuming) just rinse with hot water. Cover up the hole in the bottom though, bettas have been known to squeeze through and get hurt.

    Most mugs work too.
    I don't know if you have any really deep bowls with small openings, but those work as well.

    That's all I can think of for now, sorry
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