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  1. carzz
    06-17-2012 02:15 PM - permalink
    No, i couldn't handle it... There was somethin real special about that little bugger... I can hardly believe that he is still gone, ya know?
    I've lost fish before, but none have been as hard as my baby pike... I'm actually doing his memorial today and its hard. lol, but i guess it always will be.

    Im glad that your new baby is doing well! I'd love to see photos sometime! I still look at the babies they sell at petco, and miss mine :)
  2. carzz
    05-07-2012 12:52 AM - permalink
    I'm so sorry :( I know how that goes. Pico was great, I had just bought a 3 gal and cabin for him. 2 days later, he passed. :(
  3. carzz
    04-29-2012 03:40 PM - permalink
    Hey :) how is ur cute baby lily?
  4. carzz
    01-24-2012 09:28 PM - permalink
    I don't know... A lot of people say that some young males seems to have an egg spot.... But that will be real cool if she is a girl! I think piko will be pika after all but I guess we will see. Lol!
  5. carzz
    01-24-2012 12:22 PM - permalink
    \I'm starting to really wonder how old Piko is.... He has maybe grown 1/8th of an inch since I got him, BUT!!!!! I noticed a day ago, HE IS GETTING COLOR! I think he is going to be red, since his anal fin has a hint of red, and his ventral fin, just one, is turning a dark red color. I've gone to only feeding him pellets, though he still has a hard time getting them down. It takes him a few minuets to swallow it... lol but he is getting really hyper, and just barley, I introduced two little silk plants into his betta keeper!
  6. carzz
    01-19-2012 12:50 AM - permalink
    Lol how is lily? Is she growing much, or still the same? Piko is getting a little bigger, maybe like 2/8ths of an inch bigger. Not much though. And his insides are getting darker but his body isn't.
  7. betta lover1507
    01-08-2012 09:16 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    i just LOVE your avi, is it ok if i could take a concept of it?
  8. carzz
    01-04-2012 12:28 PM - permalink
    I was watching Piko, and when he swims, he uses his top fin as a 'brake', like all me females, but I've never seen any of my males do that, so I am wondering if Piko is going to be Pika... lol
  9. Fawnleaf
    01-01-2012 11:05 PM - permalink
    Yeah hope that when lily gets older I can wean her off of brine shrimp and give her mostly pellets instead. Brine shrimp is annoying to prepare!! I think she or he may be a delta if a boy but a viel if she's a girl.
  10. carzz
    01-01-2012 04:54 PM - permalink
    That's good, I'm still feeding Pikachu the mix and he is so grumpy! Lol, I am afraid of when he Is an adult and wants live food! I know they have some live food for adults, like larve, but ewww! So, what type Betta do you lily to be?! Veil tale half moon Plakat?

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