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  1. laughing
    05-31-2011 09:56 PM - permalink
    Exactly! Are you in the U.S? I can only ship within the U.S.

    I was supposed to receive them today, but extremely hot conditions have prevented that. So if in July monsoon season actually comes I will receive and spawn then, or August for sure.

    They are sexable at age of 2 months so unless you want a gamble on male/female you'd have to wait until then. 3 months is when they really color up, though. This line starts with all blue then loses color over time causing marbling!

    So you could receive one between September-November, just depends on age you'd like and when I spawn! If you get a 5 gallon put the divider in if you find a fish you like at a pet store, and I will send you one when they are ready!
  2. Jessabell
    05-31-2011 09:41 PM - permalink
    Oh, great! I've never bought anything online though lol. I'd love one. Do I wait until it's older and..pick it out? lol.
  3. laughing
    05-31-2011 09:33 PM - permalink
    Hi, I have noticed you've taken interest in HMs. I will be spawning in August metallic blue marble HMs that aren't tail biters or jumpers. Very well genetically bred!

    I would be happy to give you one for a cheap price. It is my first spawn so everyone is going to get a good deal. ^^ If you want a male, message me later, I think males will be $5-ish and shipping around $10. The point is they'll be about PetCo's price but a higher quality.

    Welcome, and have fun getting addicted! Hehe! C:
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