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  1. The Game
    08-26-2010 08:42 PM - permalink
    The Game
    Oh ok, I think I saw the picture youre talking about. Do you have msn or any instant messaging programs? If so, can you add me or send me a private message with your address so it will be easier to discuss betta breeding.
  2. indjo
    08-26-2010 08:31 AM - permalink
    Inbreed like that, you should get coppers in 2 spawns. But I'm not sure about the tail type though. ... I think you have a dilemma; your CT is not copper and visa versa. You need to inbreed to copper to get copper and to CT to get CT.

    I guess you have to choose and inbreed the best copper CT in F1 and create F2. Even better, make 2 sets of F1 and F2 so you can cross them. If you breed F1 to a copper Pk, you will loose the crown - probably get some combs???? I am guessing on the tail type because I have never crossed CT.

    If you want to see copper with red fins, go to page 3 of the Breeding section and open JamieTron's thread " Next spawn want your opinions...." (I can't post links here) I posted a picture of one.
  3. The Game
    08-26-2010 05:02 AM - permalink
    The Game
    LOL im actually an asian living in Australia. Youre in Indonesia right? I used to live in Singapore but sadly, only got into fighters here in Au. Singapore would be a much easier place to 'culture' my hobby. Youre about 3 hours behind us and im usually on my laptop the moment I come home from school but mostly on msn. Feel free to add me on my msn, I think you can find my address somewhere on my profile, if not, ill send it as a private message. LOL ok now back to business, I just want to have copper offspring, so if I breed a copper PK with my blue (with red fins) CTFM and then chose the best looking female from the spawn and spawned her with her dad or another copper male bought from the store and keep repeating this process, would I eventually get a really nice copper CTPK and if so, how many generations will this take?
  4. indjo
    08-25-2010 01:17 PM - permalink
    I thought you were in the US. I just realized that you're an Aussie. No wonder you're never on line at night... lol.

    Anyway, it should be spring down there. So this is the best time to prepare to breed. Color doesn't really matter. As long as you use the same fin type, you'll be fine. Just remember, when you use/choose modern type fins, look for those with the widest spread.

    Good luck.
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