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Conversation Between BettaGirl290 and BlakbirdxGyarados
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  1. BlakbirdxGyarados
    08-29-2011 11:38 AM - permalink
    Ah, I see. Well, cool!
  2. BettaGirl290
    08-29-2011 11:29 AM - permalink
    lol i used to go to his school, it goes up to 6th , and mine goes to 5th, and im gonna be in 5th grade, so we both going into middle school at the same time.
  3. BlakbirdxGyarados
    08-29-2011 11:27 AM - permalink
    Oh! I see. Still, be excited! :D
    And does your cousin go to a different school? Some middle schools don't start until 6th grade. It depends on how big the building is... or something. >__>
  4. BettaGirl290
    08-29-2011 11:21 AM - permalink
    well not this year xD but next year, so im in 5th grade :D the weird thing is im going into middle school the same time my cousin does, and hes a grade above me o___o
  5. BlakbirdxGyarados
    08-29-2011 11:10 AM - permalink
    It's alright. I remember how school was, and that it took a lot of extra time away. |D No problem!
    I've been sort of busy myself. Actually, I just got back home from a 3 week trip. I lost a few fish and am trying to cure my girl Avalantic's dropsy. Once I get her treatments set up and given to her, it'll be nice to do a few drawings to calm down.

    Congratulations on middle school! Don't get too intimidated. ;) Those are some fun times.
  6. BettaGirl290
    08-29-2011 11:04 AM - permalink
    yay! sorry for the late picture, i have been doing other stuff. next school year imma go into middle school! :D
  7. BlakbirdxGyarados
    08-29-2011 09:37 AM - permalink
    lol, that is a bit late to be posting a picture. I'm responding late too. xD I'll still work on drawing your fish though, thanks!
  8. BettaGirl290
    08-04-2011 04:30 PM - permalink
    rofl (late) okay here is Ritotini! :D
  9. BlakbirdxGyarados
    06-06-2011 10:36 AM - permalink
    Wow, so late in responding. xD Sorry, my internet's been acting weird.
    A reference is a photo I can use to know what your fish looks like, so I can get the colors right in the picture I draw for you. (That's a long sentence. >> )
  10. BettaGirl290
    05-23-2011 06:21 PM - permalink
    reference? I forgot what that means, more so, i don't what it means...... -_-u (i'm only 10! XD)
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