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Conversation Between kayos and Maryrox247
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  1. Maryrox247
    08-25-2010 08:14 PM - permalink
  2. kayos
    08-22-2010 11:56 PM - permalink
    Hey kid! Do you have my blood worms? Remember what I said about fish jokes? Why do fish smell?
  3. kayos
    08-20-2010 11:34 PM - permalink
    Hey Mary. I am off to Big Bear so I won't be near a computer. I can't wait to see you on Sunday. I love the book you are writing. You are by far the coolest kid I know and it is not just because you are mine, you just are! xoxo
  4. kayos
    08-19-2010 10:39 PM - permalink
    kayos my e betta is Lucy...I sent a message back to dead sunlight and frogipoi...let me know if I did it right guys. I tried to send you the info on my e fish Frogipoi and another in responce to what you sent me... it has to do with let me know what you all think!
  5. kayos
    08-19-2010 12:22 AM - permalink
    Oh goodie...betta RP...where do I find the rules? Sounds like acting only for fish...this will be fun!
  6. kayos
    08-18-2010 05:02 AM - permalink
    Hi honey! I was thinking about you...teach me some ways we can have fun and play together on are one of the most creative and patient people I get creative and let me know how to make the most of this site...I want to play with you!!! Be patient though...this stuff is not my strong
  7. Maryrox247
    07-21-2010 10:36 PM - permalink
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