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  1. ANHEL123
    05-18-2013 09:51 PM - permalink
    I would not use the filter. And i would be consistant with water changes also. Just try to do for now 50% and 1-100% a week. I am going to pm you my e mail so you can send me a picture. If he is eating and swimming , and there is no behavior changes at all i would just do regular water changes , unless his fins are really bad-bloody tips, falling apart,large part of the tail just drop off,ragged edges,black edging that are ''smudged'' all those symptoms are for the fin rot. I don't remember if you have stress coat, it good for healing. Now about'' fix'' medications do not use it . I am going to pm you my e mail and also will give you the link about melafix or any medicine with ''fix''.
  2. knini09
    05-18-2013 12:50 PM - permalink
    Hi, umm so I have a question, it has been a 2weeks that Kaimu-shin has been off the salt treatment, he is growing his fins and last week I got him the kasibo house with the plastic bamboo plant that comes with it(got it at petco), but then I noticed tears in his fins so I took it out got the plant out did a 90% water change, I took him out of the tank and he stressed so bad he turned white with the black lines, so I added silk plants and the kasibo with no plastic plant I just cut them out, and a new decor thingy, I aclimated him, he eat after I put him in, and I was checking him but then I noticed that his fins look like ragged at the tips and mostly were the tears were, I dont see black but then it is hard to see as he is black with teal blue, umm dont know what to do if go ahead and treat with API melafix or do a salt treatment again. what do you recommend ? I will take a pic of him and send it to you when I know how to... thank you for your help.
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