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  1. BatCakes
    03-27-2013 11:14 PM - permalink
    Ack, I should have seen this first. I didn't think about bringing water to be checked. I bought my new betta from a small pet store in town. They were actually in smaller containers there, but they all looked healthy and happy (one or two even had tiny bubble nests in their cups!) so I didn't feel too bad. My new fish looks pretty healthy to me. The only thing I noticed after bringing him home is that the edges of his fins are a bit pale, but as his body is a light color I'm not sure if it's just his natural coloring. Hopefully nothing is wrong. He's very happy and even if he's being picky about food so far, he's already made a bubble nest. I do have BettaSafe which I put in the water, since I'm just using tap water, so hopefully that will be enough?
  2. ANHEL123
    03-27-2013 10:11 AM - permalink
    Hey so sorry for your betta. One advice when you go to the store take your water and let them check it, just to rule out water problem. I think you don't even have to pay for that. A lot of people have ammonia in the water. At least you will know your water was not the problem. And if it is appeared that you have water problem then deffinately find Prime . Prime is most recommended when you have water issues. If you absolutely can't find i can mail it to you.I think it good idea to do it before you buy another betta though. When you buy it just may be it good idea to wait for new shipment and also check for any sign of the sickness. Walmart is really not the best store to buy betta from, unless your are really knowledgeable to treat sick bettas. I know it sad and we want to rescue them, but it good to rescue healthy betta from pet store before it get sick anyway. Do you want me to write for you the symptoms that you don't want to see on your betta? Good luck with new betta.
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