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  1. banehardy5609
    11-12-2013 04:14 PM - permalink
    Nope thankfully his scales aren't raised. :) Ok I will continue to do the water changes. I really appreciate your help.
  2. banehardy5609
    11-12-2013 04:11 PM - permalink
    Just an update. I've been doing the water changes and the nitrite has gone down to 0ppm but the ammonia is still at 0.25ppm. He does seem better though so thank you so much! :)
  3. ANHEL123
    11-11-2013 09:50 PM - permalink
    LittleBlueFishleat who helps on your thread is very knowledgeable and i value her opinion a lot. So if you want give us update in your thread. My personal advice is take the filter out and do daily water changes if you can. I know your tank is big though. You can lower the water so it will be easier for you. I would do 50% water changes for a few day follow but full water change.
    If he got worse or more symptoms i would try to treat him with aquarium salt unless he is bloated or constipated then Epsom salt is helpful.
    Also did you check if his scales raised. If you look for the top down see if he is pineconning .
  4. banehardy5609
    11-11-2013 07:28 PM - permalink
    He has been swimming around but he still stays at the bottom. He actually has also been going near the top and resting by the heater.
  5. ANHEL123
    11-09-2013 10:06 PM - permalink
    Hey give us an update on your betta please:)
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