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  1. ANHEL123
    12-25-2013 12:39 AM - permalink
    Marry Christmass!!! How are you doing:)
  2. ANHEL123
    03-26-2013 07:56 AM - permalink
    Hey brooke how are you, i am waiting for the name so i can mail my package to you. I have only your address:) And let me know if you need any betta stuff. I am waiting for your response. How is everything?
  3. dbrooke1
    03-10-2013 12:55 PM - permalink
    going to try to send betta fish care sheet to this person. mom told me this person has kept different fish, including bettas, for many years. *sigh of relief* it causes me to feel so much better knowing this. still will give them the sheet just for info. =)
  4. ANHEL123
    03-06-2013 09:08 AM - permalink
    Hey i want to add something. Make sure you explain about betta acclimation. Some people don't realized it. You don't want to stress your betta with drastic temp change.
    And like Sakura wrote they like to jump so if they don't have a lid to cover the tank make sure they leave space between the water level and the tap of the tank , and when they couch them with a net or lure him with a cup make sure they cover it with a hand
    Also very big problem that i have with a few people that i introduced to bettas is that they overfeed them.
    Don't let the food sink to the bottom of the tank, always removed uneaten food. Explain that it will discompose and contaminate the water.
  5. dbrooke1
    03-05-2013 12:09 PM - permalink
    don't want to bother you. =) right after i sent you a profile msge thought of posting a thread. so......
    hmmm......other bettas are doing okay and are relatively happy. rehoming them. keeping the one guy recovering from fin rot long term. i'd take a pic of him and give an update.
    although, reaggrivated injured ankle/back. work injury so am on disability. not walking around, doing any lifting, or driving right now since last week. it's quite an adventure, lol!
    fish who i'll call fantasia (name him after 'fantasia') is currently in 5gal. no bueno, lol! my other tanks are at mom's place so will ask her to bring a smaller tank to keep him in while i'm recuperating. will keep him in bathroom and do water changes on bathroom counter by sink while i sit on a stool. hoping this plan will work out. =)
    hope you're having a great beginning of the week! =)
  6. dbrooke1
    03-05-2013 11:52 AM - permalink
    i'm rehoming other bettas to mom's neighbor who has pet fish (but don't know about bettas). so, am thinking of typing together a betta care sheet. i'm thinking of using some info from the sticky general betta fish care and faq from betta fish care section and add a few recommendations for a few fish products in there. although, its pretty long so don't want to overwhelm this individual, lol. going to make it more brief, easy to read, and as accurate i can according to my knowledge. thinking of using the type of layout from a betta care sheet at some of their info is innacurate (grrr), although i'll just use the lay out. i msged sakura8 to see if its okay to use info from a sticky here as long as i include where and who info is from. don't want to take someone's work and want to give them full credit.
  7. ANHEL123
    03-05-2013 09:10 AM - permalink
    Hey dbrooke what is going on? You have sick betta? How is your others one? Please give me update , i am really worry....Is it new betta that sick?
  8. dbrooke1
    03-04-2013 11:27 AM - permalink
    howdy anhel123. how are you? hope family is well. =)
    ready for another question, lol? its about giving out a betta fish care sheet with bettas i'm rehoming...... yep
  9. dbrooke1
    02-07-2013 02:55 PM - permalink
    anhel123 thank you so very much for all that you do!
  10. ANHEL123
    02-06-2013 10:14 AM - permalink
    dbrooke don't forget to do 100% water change in addition to 50%. And good luck. I actually ask Sakura to help you :)
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