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Conversation Between Dead Sunlight and BettaGirl290
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  1. BettaGirl290
    09-08-2010 09:32 AM - permalink
    well, today i start school. the cool thing is, that i can tell meh friends whatever like about bettas and she will be interested.

    The Bad thing is, ITS RAINING!!!!!
  2. BettaGirl290
    09-02-2010 04:55 PM - permalink
    i have a two rants, one for today and one for yesterday. well, my grandma DUMPED my fish tank out.(because of a little bit of dead fry.) :( she did remove Ritotini BTW. TODAY she hung up a net for my stuff and i said, "i want it ova meh bed!" and she said, "no have it ova here." RIGHT ABOVE MY NORMAL FISH TANK!!!!!!!! and i said, "IT WILL CRUSH MY FISH IF ANYTHING FALLS OUT!!!!!!" and shes like, "we can always get a new fish." and was like, "NOOOOOOOOO! YOU CAN NOT REPLACE FIONA!"
  3. BettaGirl290
    09-01-2010 07:40 PM - permalink
    .......................yay? IM A GRANDMA OF SOME FISHYS!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dead Sunlight
    08-31-2010 09:04 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight

    YeY!!! Congrats, ur a grandma!!!
  5. BettaGirl290
    08-30-2010 10:44 AM - permalink
    awww there so cute, even thou there's a hundred or more of them, Ritotini is like, GET BACK IN THE BUBBLE NEST!!!!!!!!!!! so im like sitting there going awwww and giggling, good times good times!
  6. BettaGirl290
    08-30-2010 10:24 AM - permalink
  7. BettaGirl290
    08-30-2010 09:55 AM - permalink
    Happy Spawning!
  8. BettaGirl290
    08-30-2010 09:54 AM - permalink
  9. Dead Sunlight
    08-27-2010 08:01 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
  10. BettaGirl290
    08-27-2010 10:50 AM - permalink
    and of corse i removed her
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