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  1. Lion Mom
    04-26-2011 09:09 AM - permalink
    Lion Mom
    Now THAT is interesting information - thanks for sharing it!!!!

    I sure wish she were out & about during the day - I would sure LOVE to see her waddling around the tank - LOL!!!!

    Her chosen home is a never used oil burner even though I did give her more options - driftwood, clay pot. She usually faces the large opening in the back, but a couple days ago she was facing the front with her little antanae (sp?) sticking out the holes in front.

    Maybe it's just me, but I find her to be TOO cute!!!! :)
  2. shinybetta
    04-25-2011 09:12 PM - permalink
    My crayfish stuff things in their cave too! I often find old plant leaves (that they like eating!), and old algea wafers that they didn't eat. Some crayfish "add on" to their home cave by dragging decorations on to and into it. If you have large rocks she may close the entrance to her cave when molting, or she may use them to make the entrance smaller so she feels more protected.
  3. Lion Mom
    04-25-2011 06:32 PM - permalink
    Lion Mom
    Hahahaha - good one!!!

    Ms. Marbles took a piece of guppy grass in her cave with her the other day. She really had it in there, too - shoved WAY to the back. She has since kicked it to the curb - LOL!!! What's THAT about???
  4. shinybetta
    04-25-2011 06:15 PM - permalink
    LOL! Yeah I was thinking fiddler crab too! At least now I can tell them apart.
  5. Lion Mom
    04-24-2011 04:06 PM - permalink
    Lion Mom
    No babies YET!!! :( But I see her moving around in her cave & she is still carrying her tail under her, so..........

    Glad to know they grow those things back!!! Must kind of look like a crab with one large & one small claw - LOL!!!!
  6. shinybetta
    04-24-2011 03:49 PM - permalink
    Hello! How is your crayfish doing? Did your crayfish have any babies? Mine that lost a claw molted, so now he has one big claw, and one little claw.
  7. shinybetta
    04-10-2011 01:47 PM - permalink
    One of my crayfish lost a claw in a fight! But, they won't kill each other. How is your cray doing protecting eggs? After the babies hatch they will stay close to mother and hide under her if scared!
  8. shinybetta
    04-06-2011 03:14 PM - permalink
    Thats great! She will protect the babies from guppies, though they may get some. What do you plan on doing with them? Mine are fine, they have molted several times, no eggs yet though. They get along fine with all my fish, although they do get a little nippy.
  9. Lion Mom
    04-06-2011 03:10 PM - permalink
    Lion Mom

    So far, so good - I think! :) I believe she MAY have eggs since she hides all the time and has her tail folded under her. Obviously, I have found her hiding spot since I know how she is carrying her tail - LOL!!!

    Thanks for asking and how are all your critters doing?
  10. shinybetta
    04-06-2011 11:55 AM - permalink
    Hello! How is it going with your marbled cray? Any eggs yet?
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