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Conversation Between Alexanderismylife and SilverCaracal
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  1. SilverCaracal
    08-11-2010 10:56 AM - permalink
    Ares is doing fine. He's just waiting till Friday to get his new tank LOL! How are your bettas doing? :)
  2. Alexanderismylife
    08-10-2010 01:44 AM - permalink
    Heey =] How are your bettas??
  3. SilverCaracal
    08-09-2010 12:04 PM - permalink
    Hey! :)
  4. Alexanderismylife
    07-14-2010 09:08 PM - permalink
    I have 2 bettas right now but planning on getting 1 more maybe Not really sure yet lol! My petco doesn't carry many different bettas and Mine doesn't take very good care of their bettas So I've always gone to petsmart but I've seen other Petcos with alot of different bettas and they take great care of theres! :]
  5. SilverCaracal
    07-14-2010 02:58 PM - permalink
    Only one but I think it's enough stress and water changes for now LOL! I'm trying really hard to avoid Petsmart right now...but if I do get another betta it's probably gonna be from Petco cuz I've heard from like everbody that Petco has really pretty bettas now! :) How many bettas do you have?
  6. Alexanderismylife
    07-14-2010 02:52 PM - permalink
    I do too LOL! :] I get all mine at Petstores so far though xD How many bettas do you have??
  7. SilverCaracal
    07-14-2010 02:38 PM - permalink
    Hahaha! I hope I can find somthing like it on aquabid someday. :)
  8. Alexanderismylife
    07-14-2010 02:34 PM - permalink
    lol Oh! Well I've never seen a betta like it before :]
  9. SilverCaracal
    07-14-2010 02:20 PM - permalink
    Thanks!! Sadly it's not my betta though...:(
  10. Alexanderismylife
    07-13-2010 08:19 PM - permalink
    I love the betta in your avatar!!! :]
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