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Conversation Between Alexanderismylife and Betta Slave
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  1. Betta Slave
    11-16-2010 06:30 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Oh no! I haven't checked the Memorial section recently. I'm so sorry! :(

    And thank you... I'm going to have to euthanize he if this goes on any longer.

    How are you and the horses?
  2. Alexanderismylife
    11-16-2010 05:46 PM - permalink
    Alexander died a few days ago. :/ But Riley and Apollo are fine and happily swimming around. :( and I hope she gets better soon!
  3. Betta Slave
    11-15-2010 05:30 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Hi! :) We're all good, but Lylah has dropy :'( How bout you and your boys?
  4. Alexanderismylife
    11-15-2010 03:56 PM - permalink
    Hey :) How r u and the bettas?
  5. Alexanderismylife
    10-25-2010 07:19 PM - permalink
    Yeah,I shouldn't have left him *Facepalm* and I will for sure post pics if we do get one :) My dads friend has a appaloosa mare right now who is going to foal between the end of December or Beginning of January so we might be getting her :) But if we did we wouldn't be able to get her for a months. :/ And that horse sounds like such a charactor! lol When I was younger my grandpa had a horse named Dallas like that :P Except she was a quarter horse but pretty
  6. Betta Slave
    10-25-2010 06:51 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    I'm so sorry about Diego :( I never trust my parents with my fish. Ever.

    I love Appalooosas :D Post pics when/if you get one!

    And the lessons are going great :) My new horse is very stubborn (gotta use spurs and a riding crop to get him going! ) and loves to the be the center of attention, but he's a sweety and gives kisses on command :3 He's pretty small, a welsh cob/arabian cross, but lots of personality.
  7. Alexanderismylife
    10-25-2010 06:48 PM - permalink
    I'm good :) Alexander and Riley are doing pretty good and Loving the frozen bloodwroms and live plants I bought them on sunday :) My newest lil guy Deigo passed away Sunday though :( I trusted my mom to do some water changes in his tank and I don't know I think she forgot water conditioner....:/ So,kinda upset about that but she feels so bad about it....and the horses are doing pretty good :) My dad really wants to get a Appaloosa so we might be getting another horse which is pretty exciting! How are your horse lessons going???? :)
  8. Betta Slave
    10-25-2010 06:30 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    I'm okay, you? :) How are the boys doing? And how're the horses? :)
  9. Alexanderismylife
    10-25-2010 06:22 PM - permalink
    Hey how are you??? :)
  10. Alexanderismylife
    10-24-2010 01:14 PM - permalink
    Yeah,I have actually never seen a cellophane at any of my LPS....I've seen a few cellophane females but not any males..Ever...or at least I don't think so. Maybe I just never go to my petstores when they get cellophanes xD :)
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