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  1. indjo
    01-31-2012 10:31 PM - permalink
    that's good to hear.
    yeah, I keep telling myself to wait for the hot season. But it seems too long.....
  2. Curlyfatbottom
    01-31-2012 09:55 PM - permalink
    No I didn't.
    Still have 26 that's breeding age.
    Can't wait till spring.
    Dont like this cold weather.
  3. indjo
    01-31-2012 05:51 AM - permalink
    No wonder I haven't seen you around.......
    Sorry about your loss. I hope you didn't lose all of them.
  4. Curlyfatbottom
    01-27-2012 01:41 PM - permalink
    that seem kind of right.
    i think the problem is that the fish been captive breeding so long it's immune system is shutting down on them.
    pretty fish is base on look not the health.
    im running into a lot of problem.
    wasn't home for about two week and came back to see a few lost.
    only my nice looking fish dead.
    but none of the pk.
  5. indjo
    01-15-2012 06:23 PM - permalink
    IDK. Rainy season seems to be illness season both for humans and pets. It's just how it is and we've learned to accept it. I'm hearing those who keep their bettas inside are beginning to have problems too.

    10-15 years ago I can keep everything under direct rain and wont have problems. But home how it's different now.

    You know how "giving is better than receiving". Well I guess this especially applies to rain water. LOL. Unfortunately my city can't give since we're a coastal city. We can only receive from other cities. I can only wait and see .... and hope for the best.
  6. Curlyfatbottom
    01-14-2012 12:07 PM - permalink
    How about putting all the breeding tank into a large tub.
    Each tank still the same size but u have larger amount of water around them.
    When it reach 75f I'm going to put 12 breeding tank into 8x4 tub.
    It help to control the temp.

    The best of luck to u.
    Hope there no flood.
  7. indjo
    01-13-2012 01:25 PM - permalink
    On the contrary, bugs and other critters (specially daphnia and tubifex) are scarce during rainy season. Well there's a lot of dengue mosquitoes, but I don't want to mess with them.

    Yes bigger tanks are more stable. But most of my breeders are in solitary 1-3g tanks. Only sororities get bigger tanks.

    We had a warning this afternoon. Though rain hasn't been big in my city - thus not flooding rivers, yet a nearby city (known as "rain city") is contributing a lot of water. They are forced to open their dam..... and might flood some areas in my city. Fortunately it hasn't flooded my neighborhood. But we are constantly on the alert. The uncertainty is so frustrating.
  8. Curlyfatbottom
    01-13-2012 12:55 PM - permalink
    Bigger tank and a heater help out with fluctuate weather.
    Cause bigger body of water take longer to warm up or cool down.

    Look on the bright side.
    With all that rain.
    Brought you some little bug to feed your fish
  9. indjo
    01-11-2012 04:13 AM - permalink
    Though it's generally hot, yet water temps can fluctuate quickly. From a cloudy 26C to a sunny 28C then suddenly drop back to 26-25C in minutes when it rains. A week of these fluctuations, bettas lose appetite. Another week they begin having problems. I wish I could keep them inside.

    It's safer if the temps were stable. At a low 25-26C they would remain healthy. Even filtered 13g tanks that gets heated by the pumps at 28C also becomes problematic in this weather.... don't know why.

    We don't normally have such storms. This year is extra windy - it's too windy for me to tend to my bettas when it rains..... I still get wet though there's a roof above me. LOL
  10. Curlyfatbottom
    01-10-2012 01:18 AM - permalink
    i wish it's that hot over here.
    so i can start my breeding project outside.

    wow that's amazing.
    it never rain that hard here.
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