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  1. Curlyfatbottom
    05-26-2012 11:16 PM - permalink
    Ok thanks
    I just bought 3 really long body
    Hope they bulk up
    I've was having second thought on them
    But there size was really good
    About 10 cm

    That suck nothing
    Did you know what went wrong
  2. indjo
    05-26-2012 09:59 PM - permalink
    Initially giants sort of had a hunched back - crooked spine. But nowadays they look like any other PK. Those with good body form will remain so until they're older. When young they look rather long but as they get older their width becomes wider - making body more balanced. And when they stop growing their body begins to get thicker - making them look bulky.

    At least some hatched. My newer spawns never hatched. IDK why..... I know the male is a good father because the LFS spawned him to a regular betta. And I know the female is fertile because I've bred her before.
  3. Curlyfatbottom
    05-26-2012 03:20 PM - permalink
    is it the same as where u are
    the bigger the giant the longer the body
    body form is not so great, it look really long
    really bomb out
    only 5 egg hatch for the giant spawn
  4. indjo
    05-19-2012 03:50 AM - permalink
    I'm not sure if mine can grow to be giants. The females are small (4 - 6cm or 1.5"+ to -2.5") and my biggest male is only 7cm BO.

    One spawn grew 1.5cm in a few days and 1cm in a week. But their growth seems to slowed down..... about 1.5cm in 2 weeks. I have high hope for these - my F2.
    Other spawns are growing like regular bettas.... frustrating.

    Having 1 spawn and 10 spawns is the same amount of work .... at least until I have to jar them. I decided to mave one spawn early so I have another empty tub and can breed another .... 3 pairs. Not sure yet though. I still have to condition the tub (not the betta) LOL.
  5. Curlyfatbottom
    05-18-2012 02:53 PM - permalink
    The guppies are my little brother.
    None are quality but they're bred by color
    Yeah the guppy are getting fancier
    New breed just pop up crowntail guppy

    5 spawn at once
    That's going to be some work
    By the end of this month I'll want at least 4 giant spawning out
    Getting a pair or two in a week
    Yeah a few egg hatch out of my giant
    Don't know how many yet cause there is a lot of duckweed
  6. indjo
    05-18-2012 12:30 AM - permalink
    Now I keep livebearer mainly for my nephews and nieces. None are really into fish, they just like bright colors swimming around the tank. I only have guppies now. I try to make them HM. LOL. The best I have is only a super delta..... well I had 1 HM guppy, but couldn't get more.

    I noticed that they produce poor fins (small spread) in one generation but good form in the next. I cannot get them produce good form constantly. Maybe it's because I never introduce new genes .... IDK. - not really interested. I use over stock as feeders or give them away.

    I have about 5 betta spawn at the moment (I hope) - ALL artificially hatched, but I can't see the fry because they're in very thick planted tubs (2 half giants, 2 are bigger than regular. 1 is regular x giant descendent). Today another 2 (1 half giant and 1 regular) are spawning and I plan to do another 2 at least..... then stop until I can move them to respawn.
  7. Curlyfatbottom
    05-17-2012 12:31 PM - permalink
    I've agree.
    Breeding betta is a challenge
    For old school n new breeder
    Tetra will breed if you have a school
    Cichlid I've never got them to breed
    Give up in the first year do to my little cousin wiping them out
    Guppy is the easiest fish to breed
    As long as you have enough food to feed them they'll breed n won't eat all there frys
    I've just barely start netting the fry in the last two week
    Now I'm close to be pushing a hundred fish
    With a dozen full grown female n keeping up the work
    I'll reach in the thousand by the end of summer
  8. indjo
    05-17-2012 06:27 AM - permalink
    That's what I love about bettas - there's always something different. Breeding gold fish, cichlids, livebearers, tetras,.... it's always the same method and result.... boring! Bettas always keeps me on my toes, always looking for better ways and some individuals often have to be kept in a different way.
  9. Curlyfatbottom
    05-16-2012 03:50 PM - permalink
    Current work out don't usually work for me.
    The male usually stay at the bottom
    Female chase or bucket workout( small jar inside with a male with another male outside running outside with the current)
    My old days with a very aggressive male
    We usually spare them for 15 minute before breeding
  10. indjo
    05-16-2012 12:38 PM - permalink
    Not necessarily. If you use currents in your tanks, they won't be as aggressive - active, but not aggressive. But if you flare them like I do - very long time, yes they may be aggressive. ..... take my red dragon for example. I NEVER flare him but he is a killer just the same. There's this cambodian I just tried breeding, he is more aggressive than the red drgn (I called off the breeding - look for different method of introduction)- I never flare him too. So viciousness is just individual character.
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