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  1. indjo
    11-17-2011 07:49 PM - permalink
    Bettas are widely bred. Vendors, LFS, etc already have their own supplier/s. I have never sold, only give away. But this hobby is getting more expensive (for me) and I need to balance my sheets. The only way to sell big numbers is to ship abroad..... which I can't do because I know no one (personally) in the business.

    My water supply sometimes suddenly becomes deadly if the water company flushes the tanks. If I'm not careful, more wc will kill more fish. Plus other factors like rats, cats etc. (my bettas are all outside). Then there's the rain which hits a few of my tubs if I forget to cover.

    Lately many go without "saying goobye" lol. They just suddenly die. But my biggest issue is water supply. Sometimes my tanks need new water but then the water company flushes (the water becomes yellow/dirty) so I have to postpone another week, wait until everything is crystal clear. What gets to me is that other people around here don't experience this.
  2. Dead Sunlight
    11-17-2011 06:06 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    tomorrow is a happy day for me
    Tomorrow or Saturday I'm gonna begin spawning logs in the breeding section for my 4 spawns... Conditioning ends tomorrow woo woo
    Also tomorrow ive thought that its time to buy a pair to breed (yeah! 515 bettas baby!) O: instead of using some of my current bettas. Getting a new melano pair tommorow, and yes, once quarintine is done and they have settled, spawn number five will be in progress! Plan to get at least 100 more nice specimens, about 20 from each spawn.

    O: is there a fish farm or other store that might take your bettas? I get rid of mine through aquabid, friends, a breeder, and i literally supply this one store's ENTIRE betta supply.might wanna look up places in your area. ive seen your bettas, very nice fish indeed! of course theres aquabid, but that might prove to be an issue due to mailing
  3. Dead Sunlight
    11-17-2011 06:03 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    Have you had an epidemic or outbreak in any of the tanks? I would consider sterilizing... or could it be something concerning the water chemistry?
  4. Dead Sunlight
    11-17-2011 03:03 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    I come from a long line of oriental betta breeders, most of my family in Indo are involved in the oriental fish breeding business. I'm gonna open up a little betta shop in Jakarta for the time I'm gonna be in Indo. He and I both breed oriental bettas, discus, and koi. And yeah, he might have meant Borneo or Sumatra.

    I'm a girl, though almost everyone I have ever met had thought for some time that I was a boy. I certainly dress the part. All my clothes
    are tees and half of them portray some sort of connection to fish or the IBC, like today I was wearing my DRAGON SCALES shirt with a HM on the back.

    I just counted my bettas, ALL of them. Grand total: 513 (Adults and juveniles, they are about 6 months old), 241 adults and 272 juveniles, which is also the reason why I wanted to spawn again, 6 months flies by so quickly. Out of those 241 adults, Only 13 of them I obtained through Aquabid or breeders (I got a very nice black PK from my cousin), not through my own spawns.
  5. indjo
    11-16-2011 11:25 PM - permalink
    I too no longer have any HM. I'm trying to make a line of dragons - blue/green and the copper line - both regular and Giant. I currently have a copper. royal blue and green drg giant. My regulars are blue/green drg and the red drg line incl. gold and platinum.

    Most things have been going wrong for me since last year..... Don't know why, but I cant seem to keep them alive for long. My average was 2 yrs but now it's about 6-8 months (most indo bettas live to ave. 1.5 yrs).

    Further I seem to be having a hard time getting rid of my stock. The person who usually takes them isn't into bettas anymore and other people won't take them - mainly because I'm "his" customer. .... don't understand.
  6. indjo
    11-16-2011 11:24 PM - permalink
    Wow.... you're busy. lol

    That's nice of your cousin.... he must be planning to take you to either Sumatra or Kalimantan (Borneo) because as far as I know, there are no wilds in Java anymore ..... unless you go to ..... natural resorts(?) - protected natural areas. Btw is your cousin into bettas too?

    Can't help it, but your kinda weird. lol. I mean most teenage girls, if not all, I know .... you are a girl right? .... wouldn't go near such places..... reminds me of me at your age - I preferred to go to natural places instead of "teenage hangouts".

    Nah, I can't afford more than one type of fish at a time. And discus wouldn't be one of them. If I do stray from bettas, I'd probably get into goldfish again.
  7. Dead Sunlight
    11-16-2011 10:59 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    I am currently conducting 4 spawns at the same time...
    2nd pair Mustard Gases
    fullmasked dragon pk (gold)
    HM salamander
    fullmasked dragon pk (red)
  8. Dead Sunlight
    11-16-2011 10:56 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    I am planning to visit Indo and Siam next summer, my cousin is going to take me to an oriental spawning farm in Siam, in Indo he's gonna teach me how to catch wild bettas...

    Lord, I have no idea how many bettas I have anymore, I'm a PK lover, i prefer them over long-finned for some reason, and I just started getting in Giants as of a year ago... I think I have about 20 adult PK giants, mixed sexes, and I have coppers, pineapples, oh, and one of my favorite males, SUPER RED FULLMASKED PLATINUM OHM PK GIANT(which better yet i spawned myself), hmm i have alot of white marbles, lot of orange golds, and fancy blue pacific. (JUST my PK's giants.. I have like over 200 adult bettas, heaven knows how many fry i got) i cant recall other colors but im sure i have more... I hardly shop for fish now, haha, thanks females! :D

    I have like almost no halmoons anymore, thanks to Aquabid

    I would like to hear about your bettas. Are you interested in other fish? bettas and discus are my life.
  9. indjo
    11-15-2011 11:49 PM - permalink
    I need to update my album. They're all gone - Last year was a bad one for me. I lost all of my collection twice.

    I'm not into HM at the moment because I can't find good HM lately. So I'm trying PK and Giants - preferably dragons (drg giants aren't always available).

    I'm trying to. Unfortunately it's a lot harder than I thought. But hopefully I'll get there. Shipping from Indo cost more. Since no one ships regularly to the US, we have to ship to Thai who then ships to the US.

    Oh, I don't work with melano's. That's a black copper.
    What kind/color of giants do you have? Are you planning on breeding them?
  10. Dead Sunlight
    11-15-2011 04:56 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    waiiit, did i say melano and mustard gas? XD no, sorry i was looking at your melano spawn and accidently wrote that, and mustard gas, my pair that i said weren't compatible on GreenTea's thread, sorry. lol
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