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  1. Dead Sunlight
    11-19-2011 12:49 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    actually i have a lot of quality show males that do well in IBC (gotta uptate signature) but yeah ill put them on there... i did a experiment that compared fish living in a lot of commercial chemicals compared to natural substances, i had a male that lived 2 years longer than a fish being more dependent on chemicals (commercial watersoftener rather than peat moss, etc.)
    here let me facebook him and i will find the address... i dont think its north though.

    do you think that it might be possible to have a one pipe line to lead from a clean water source just for the fish water supply? because it could be a form of metal rust poisoning, i had a huge spawn get completely wiped out that way, they werent so immune to it, being used to being in nice biofiltered water

    also my soroities are heavily planted so that minimizes the amount of water changes... for males the 2 1/2 gal are also planted plus i hooked up a multistage filtersysyem, like those in a fish store.
  2. Dead Sunlight
    11-19-2011 12:32 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    lol trust me i used too be a HUGE gamer until i discovered the joys of fishkeeping. hide his playstation, lol. too many games kill my brain, but i slowly got off my "addiction" because my parents set up a parental program for my computer that limits my internet time
    I would assume that it may be that the water pipes have rusted and are old, which is really a pity
  3. indjo
    11-19-2011 10:57 AM - permalink
    I didn't mean on this forum. I meant on FB - many Indo breeders sell through FB. It's an easy and fairly quick way to get known in the betta community without traveling or entering shows. ..... His shop address will do, if it's not in North JKT (I hate going north - traffic jams are impossible)

    Yeah, considering that every 10 US$ in Indo is equivalent to 100$ in the US - viewed from it's purchasing value. The most expensive would probably be getting/renting the shop building. Everything else should be relatively cheap.

    Thanks for the offer. I will definitely send them to you if I ever get to that point.

    All my son's interested in is his online shooting game - Point Blank (I don't think it's a US thing). Before I rented the internet, he was always playing Playstation. When he plays, he forgets that he has a life ahead of him and won't study!!! I have to threaten to delete all his games if he doesn't get an ave. 90% on his grades - the minimum to enter a good school.
  4. indjo
    11-19-2011 10:40 AM - permalink
    There are no more paddy fields in Jakarta.... well not near my house anyway. And all paddy fields or any plantation are sprayed with chemicals. We have this land about 80 km away. We used to raise consumption fish like carp, gurame, catfish etc. But now we can only keep catfish because the water, which we get from a creek, is contaminated with various chemicals - incl. oil.

    You're so lucky to have produced a prize winner. Here tons of people have good quality bettas so regulations are made harder. Unless I invest in a prize winner, it will take me a very long time to produce anything close to Indo SQ..... I guess this is why Asian bettas often win international shows..... And people will NEVER release their SQ females.
  5. indjo
    11-19-2011 10:39 AM - permalink
    515 - how do you find the time, energy, and money to care for them all. I once kept 300 and was doing wc every night after work till 2 am. .... And you're planning to house 1000??? You got me there.

    I meant people in my suburb or district (?). West Jakarta gets it's water from one sub contractor so everyone should get the same water quality. But I know people in West Jkt that uses tap water without any problems what so ever. in fact they can keep their bettas in tiny cups with weekly wc without any problems...... Maybe old piping has something to do with my water condition..... not sure
  6. Dead Sunlight
    11-19-2011 12:13 AM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    check my thread for spawns at same time in breeding
  7. Dead Sunlight
    11-18-2011 11:21 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    Btw, if you ever get the international shipping issue sorted out, I would gladly take any bettas you are having a hard time getting rid of off your hands, I have a sort of "bettary" that I set up, it will comfortable house about 1,000 bettas (I have 515). Also I heard that you can sell fish through eBay and Amazon, though I would rather stick to Aquabid.
  8. Dead Sunlight
    11-18-2011 06:18 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    About 3 months ago, one of my my trophy-winning show males Dead Sunlight (super black melano HMPK which accounts for his lacy blackish fins, I bred him too) won 1st for an IBC competition for "best maintained strain" and "best color/finnage"... Afterwards one lady commented on how you should never underestimate the power of young people :)
    I think you should introduce your son to the wonders of the betta world. If you have a spawn in progress, show him what an embrace REALLY looks like, he will surely be amazed.
  9. Dead Sunlight
    11-18-2011 06:12 PM - permalink
    Dead Sunlight
    The reason why a lot of people haven't been encountering the same problem is because admittingly Indonesia isn't the best when it comes to water quality in comparison to the States or other countries... If possible, try to obtain water through natural sources (rice paddies, just be sure that the areas where rice is being grown isn't sprayed by a pesticide or some other substance) and then you can biofilter it to rid of the water of "all manner of wicked beasties..."

    My cousin doesn't have an account on here, but I can try to find his store's number so maybe that you can visit it. He specilizes in all manner of oriental fish breeding. Also, it doesn't cost that much to open a store in Indo, when I have to return back to the States either I'll close shop or if he wants to, he can run it as well...
  10. indjo
    11-17-2011 07:50 PM - permalink
    If you're gonna open a shop when you come here.... what happens when you return? Page me when you do.... I might look you up if I can.
    If your cousin doesn't mind, PM me his/her name or user ID. I might look them up.

    Wow, you really have been busy. Within a year you've expanded so much. Who'd think that you're only 14..... wish my son (same age) were more like you. Big Congrats.
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