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  1. LucyLoofa
    01-08-2011 11:18 PM - permalink
    Oh goodness! I hate summers! :( I forget so much!!!!! I hate how a language can just slip away so easily if you don't keep up with it!
  2. dramaqueen
    01-08-2011 11:13 PM - permalink
    We had some wonderful German friends while we lived there. Americans are the ones who are snooty. I have a neighbor whose ex husband is German and she doesn't like Germans or anything German. She was over there for about 2 days and she doesn't know anything about the people. I took 4 years of German but I can't remember hardly any of it. When I was around my brother's wife and in-laws, I picked up a few words but when I got back home I forgot them. lol
  3. LucyLoofa
    01-08-2011 11:04 PM - permalink
    I bet it was just lovely living over there. It's gorgeous, and as long as you're polite everyone is just amazingly nice! It's a shame a lot of people here think all Europeans are snooty. If they'd just try to speak the language and ask someone how their day is or their family is they'd find out just how lovely the people are there. I always felt just like family every where I went!
    All my family is of the French "redneck" variety. haha. We like our cows over here and over there. LOL!
    :) I've only talked to them over the phone though, but one day I'll visit them in person.
    I've taken four years of French to talk to them so far, and hope to continue it in my next semester.
  4. dramaqueen
    01-08-2011 10:57 PM - permalink
    I lived in Germany for 2.5 years when I was little. We went back 4 years ago to spend Christmas with my brother when he lived there. That pic was taken in Vahingen near where we used to live, on a military base. We love Germany!
  5. LucyLoofa
    01-08-2011 10:45 PM - permalink
    I only went to Germany for 2 days (then off to France!). That's probably my best memory of it. I bet you and your brother had a terrific time too! :)
  6. dramaqueen
    01-08-2011 10:24 PM - permalink
    That store is in Germany. The pic was taken by my brother.
  7. LucyLoofa
    06-05-2010 03:14 PM - permalink
    No problemo! :) He's quite the handsome fish!
  8. dramaqueen
    06-04-2010 02:40 PM - permalink
    Thank you for your comment on Fernando. :)
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