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Conversation Between weluvbettas and vaygirl
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  1. weluvbettas
    08-14-2010 05:02 AM - permalink
    i think he will be happier in his own 5 gallon. :) My bettas are all great thanks.
  2. vaygirl
    08-13-2010 06:26 PM - permalink
    Hey! Yeah. :[ I got him his own 5 gallon and I'll be moving him into it next week. I think he'll be happier. How're your guys?
  3. weluvbettas
    08-13-2010 05:36 PM - permalink
    hi how are all your bettas? :D does tango still chase the corys?
  4. vaygirl
    07-24-2010 12:09 PM - permalink
    I feed mine frozen bloodworms. He also gets snails that grow in my other tanks. They won't eat pellets or flakes. It has to be frozen or live. I don't think he was expensive. I think he was maybe 7 dollars? He was hard to find though. It took my Petco a couple months to get one in. They're not hard to look after but they do need a lot of plant cover, either real or silk. They're fun and really cute.

    This is where I got my info on them when I was researching getting him:
    www dwarfpuffers com
  5. weluvbettas
    07-24-2010 12:03 PM - permalink
    hi what do you feed your pufferfish? r there easy to look after? r they expensive? sorry for all the questions it is just that im thinking about getting one
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