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Conversation Between weluvbettas and CodeRed
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  1. CodeRed
    01-01-2011 03:44 PM - permalink
    A video game, Red Dead Redemption. Best game ever.
  2. weluvbettas
    01-01-2011 02:02 PM - permalink
    What is Red dead?
  3. CodeRed
    12-25-2010 10:44 AM - permalink
    Merry Christmas!!! :D Thank you!
  4. weluvbettas
    12-25-2010 03:17 AM - permalink
    Merry christmas and happy birthday!!!!! XD
  5. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 05:27 PM - permalink
    im sure send me the link through pm
  6. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 05:26 PM - permalink
    Bettaslave you know im a boy lol!
  7. CodeRed
    08-27-2010 05:26 PM - permalink
    That's cool :P

    Alright... if you're sure... XD
    You probably won't like it, LOL. The violence hasn't really come in, yet.
  8. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 05:11 PM - permalink
    i will still read it lol my family is friends with a gay couple
  9. CodeRed
    08-27-2010 05:08 PM - permalink
    Well, no... but it has it in it. LOL. The main character is >_<

    But the story itself is about killing people, XD

    I'M SORRY! I have more stories... Sort of. LOL.
  10. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 05:07 PM - permalink
    so your telling me your story is about gay people lol
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