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Conversation Between Alienbetta1 and Alexanderismylife
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  1. Alienbetta1
    06-20-2010 12:53 PM - permalink
    Okay that would be good Ill think of names!=)
  2. Alexanderismylife
    06-19-2010 01:14 PM - permalink
    It's a female corn snake still un-named! She's so cute though lol! My friend Parker can't stand snakes and she walked in the room and saw our two snakes and now she won't go in the living room xD Do you have any name suggestions for her???? I'll post some pics when I can get a good one!!
  3. Alienbetta1
    06-19-2010 11:40 AM - permalink
    Thats so totally awesome!What kind is it?
  4. Alexanderismylife
    06-18-2010 06:12 PM - permalink
    Hey!!!!! We just got a new snake XD Just thought I would share :]
  5. Alexanderismylife
    06-17-2010 08:09 PM - permalink
    Bye!!! :]
  6. Alienbetta1
    06-17-2010 08:09 PM - permalink
    Ive got to go bye!=)
  7. Alienbetta1
    06-17-2010 08:08 PM - permalink
  8. Alexanderismylife
    06-17-2010 08:06 PM - permalink
    I really love this forum alot!!!! :] lot's of nice people who know ALOT about bettas!!!! :] Including you!!! lol
  9. Alexanderismylife
    06-17-2010 08:05 PM - permalink
    Haha :] I think if I could my farm would be a HUGE betta farm!! Haha I was thinking about getting a little corn snake but...I have gerbils so in my head its like Uhrm...thats not a good idea xD
  10. Alienbetta1
    06-17-2010 07:57 PM - permalink
    You know how you said this to Betta Slave Very :] My walmarts around here don't even keep the cup water clean or full...(Sigh) I guess we can only save some of them..I wish we could save them all tho lol Just a dream of mine :] I feel that way to!
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