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Conversation Between Alienbetta1 and weluvbettas
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  1. Alienbetta1
    07-11-2010 04:40 PM - permalink
    Shes doing great in the 30 gallon and the tetras don't even care!=D Don't be worried Im watching em and now her name is Mrs.Yuck!=D
  2. weluvbettas
    07-11-2010 04:37 PM - permalink
    hows your other betta?
  3. Alienbetta1
    07-11-2010 04:35 PM - permalink
    Buddy is doing awesome!I thinking about it.
  4. weluvbettas
    07-11-2010 04:34 PM - permalink
    hi hows buddy doing? are you planning on getting more bettas?
  5. Alienbetta1
    06-30-2010 03:53 PM - permalink
    Well Im just going to focus on Buddy right now but Im probably going to wal-mart tomorrow and if I see a betta I cant leave Ill get it.
  6. weluvbettas
    06-30-2010 03:33 PM - permalink
    do you still have that other tank that you used to have your other bettas in? if you do you could put the crowntail in there.
  7. Alienbetta1
    06-30-2010 03:30 PM - permalink
    He loves me already!!!!!I love him to but at Scales and Tails I almost got a red male ct instead but he came home with me any way and hes now my favorite betta in the whole universe!!!!!!
  8. weluvbettas
    06-30-2010 03:27 PM - permalink
    thats there way of saying they love you ! lol
  9. Alienbetta1
    06-30-2010 03:26 PM - permalink
    He such a gentle man when ever I go in my room he comes up to the glass and does a little dance.
  10. weluvbettas
    06-30-2010 03:24 PM - permalink
    some bettas flare others dont. its just his personality.
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