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Conversation Between Alienbetta1 and FireKidomaru
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  1. FireKidomaru
    06-19-2010 12:37 PM - permalink
    ya and then i got demyx and techno, then dragon, dragon died and then techno
  2. Alienbetta1
    06-19-2010 12:35 PM - permalink
    Im miss all my bettas sooo badly to.
  3. FireKidomaru
    06-19-2010 12:35 PM - permalink
    ya it was horrible... i came home from school and they were both dead..... i will miss them soooo much
  4. Alienbetta1
    06-19-2010 12:26 PM - permalink
    *Gasp thats horrible!Please post your answers or coment on my page thanks!=)
  5. Alienbetta1
    06-19-2010 12:20 PM - permalink
    I know.
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