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  1. Neil D
    04-21-2011 03:56 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    No snail then. He can be aggressive. (not to the tetras though) For my tank, I have a 10 W bulb (actually two, but only one in use) so only 1/2 the tank is lit. It gives a nice feel to the tank. If I put the anachris on the bright side; will it be enough? Also can u tie it down to something?

    If I put java moss in the non bright side, will it be okay?
    ( ps, i hope I'm not annoying you)
  2. JKfish
    04-21-2011 03:42 PM - permalink
    java moss will be fine with low lighting, anachris will not. Anachris needs a lot of high lighting to thrive, but java moss prefers lower lights. As for snails, I generally think of them like I would a fish in terms of bioload (sometimes even more so). It depends, you might be able to pull of one small netrite (sp?). I know a lot of bettas will attack and attempt to eat snails, nip at their antennas, etc, so it depends on your betta's personality, and what he considers food.
  3. Neil D
    04-21-2011 03:40 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    I don't think I'll get more fish:( But want my fish to be happy:)
    And java moss? Or anacharis? Is there anything I should do special?(I didn't find all the help I needed on the plant guide thread.)
    What about a snail?

    Thx for all ur help
  4. JKfish
    04-21-2011 03:34 PM - permalink
    In my opinion, yes, there is an issue with space. If you want more fish, get a larger tank :) A 20 gallon would be large enough for you to add more to the school comfortably, and they'd have a lot more swimming space as well.

    You might not think it, but you might be missing small things. when I had 6 harlequins in with my betta, they were stressed, and didn't swim as much, and lingered towards the bottom, but I didn't realize this. I ended up removing my betta due to health issues, and I noticed a huge change. My rasboras suddenly were swimming around the whole tank, they colored up even more, and it suddenly seemed like the tank was too small for them once they didn't have to worry about "tip toeing" around.

    I can't tell you what to do or not to do, but that is my advise. Take if if you want. I might not approve what you decide to do, but some things will work out for one person much better than another at times. As such, I have to keep that in mind and be flexible :)
  5. Neil D
    04-21-2011 03:24 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    Okay. There are places to hide and the tetras stay at the bottom and the betta mid to top of the tank. I'm also going to add more plants. (sorry if I seem pushy.) I want 8 tetras. I think the betta can hide if he wanted and the tetras are schooling fish. Is that really a problem with the 'space' thing? (again, Srry if I feel pushy)
  6. JKfish
    04-21-2011 03:13 PM - permalink
    It's not the bioload so much as the space. Imagine if you were locked in your bedroom with 9 or 10 hyper toddlers... you would go insane. You have to keep in mind part of having tank mates is not just the bioload, but the space and abilities to get away to a quiet spot. In a 10 gallon space, there is only so much space for 10 fish...
  7. Neil D
    04-21-2011 12:22 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    So 2 more will hurt the bioload that much? Actually my tank is 1/2 lit, but it's not to noticeable. Is it okay for the plant? And the light isn't that bright.
  8. JKfish
    04-21-2011 12:19 PM - permalink
    6 honestly is enough, and 9 would definately be a bit overstocking. Java moss is a great plant (though I'm yet to keep it). Apparently, it takes a lot to kill it. It is a low light plant, and if gently tied to an ornament, it'll attach itself to the surface over time. :)
  9. Neil D
    04-21-2011 12:16 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    Hey JKfish, it's Neil again, and I noticed ur post int he Quick Question thread, and I'd ask a related question in more detail here:
    I have a ten gal filtered, heated tank with 6 cardinals and a DeT betta fish. I clean the tank 20% weekly with gravel vac. (soon to be 50%) Can I add two-three more cardinals in? And some java moss? Anything special I should know about java moss? THX
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