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Conversation Between Jennyinurmouth and CodeRed
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  1. Jennyinurmouth
    06-13-2010 08:37 PM - permalink
    hah yeah I hope somewhere has just one PK female somewhere bc i really want one O.O
  2. CodeRed
    06-13-2010 08:32 PM - permalink
    XDD Lovely, lovely.
  3. Jennyinurmouth
    06-13-2010 08:27 PM - permalink
    Haha yeah probably so, one black one was really pretty and it had a shiny goldish sheen, and then as I was admiring it, Akira like chomped it O.O
  4. CodeRed
    06-13-2010 08:23 PM - permalink
    Yup, Pond snails then xD It's probably good they're exterminating them now... those things breed out of control!!
  5. Jennyinurmouth
    06-13-2010 08:20 PM - permalink
    I have no clue, they rode in on some plants, but they are getting eaten very fast... It is epic to see the smallest girl carring around her snail LMAO
  6. CodeRed
    06-13-2010 08:18 PM - permalink
    LOL xDD That.... tends to happen xDD Are they the pond snails?
  7. Jennyinurmouth
    06-13-2010 08:18 PM - permalink
    ur viwing mii thread yay! the girls are eating all the snails >.<
  8. CodeRed
    06-13-2010 08:14 PM - permalink
    Snails are quite adorable x3 I used to have two, and then they died D: Followed quickly after by everything else in the tank o.O
  9. Jennyinurmouth
    06-13-2010 04:25 PM - permalink
    I gots little snails :3 little black ones, and they are so adorable.
  10. Jennyinurmouth
    06-13-2010 03:53 PM - permalink
    Some are like that o.o Spoof does so much better in a smaller place, he used to have stress stripes all the time in the biger divided 10 gallon, and I moved him to the 2 gallon, and he is happy, even happier in the gallon one lol
    Skye does good anywhere, but he will blow a tail too easily in a big tank, bc he swims like an olympic little guy, all over the tank, then blows his tail -___-
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