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  1. lastbook87
    07-09-2010 06:02 AM - permalink
    I know I'm late replying (vacation!), but I'm so glad to hear that Cameron's doing well. I looked through all the pictures of him--he even built you a bubblenest! :D Here's to hoping you haven't tired of his spazzy-ness yet, lol.
  2. metalbetta
    06-19-2010 06:09 PM - permalink
    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I've absolutely fallen in love with Cameron! He's definitely a crazy little guy, and the most active of my little crew. His fins seem to be growing back as well! The best thing about him so far is when he gets bored he knows how to entertain himself. He does laps around the tank, swims in circles over, and over, and since he's on my night stand he tends to flare at me if I approach. I have yet to see a bubble nest, but keeping my fingers crossed! The only issues I've had are that he's a jumper during the night, especially last night after I went to bed. Thankful for that lid! Also, after water changes he develops a slight red tinge to the tips of his fins. I've seen no signs of fin rot and he doesn't seem to be in pain, it just looks like increased blood flow due to sheer frustration at me. Other than that he's a great fish and it's always a joy to have him in my home. Thank you so much for sending him my way!
  3. lastbook87
    06-02-2010 03:33 PM - permalink
    Well, he's on his way! I sent him out about an hour ago. You should've seen the lady at the post office's reaction when I said there was a live fish in there! She got this vaguely horrified look on her face, like she wasn't sure if she'd heard what I said right. Good times!
  4. metalbetta
    06-02-2010 02:11 PM - permalink
    Yeah... I don't trust him with much more than that... lol. Can't wait to meet Cameron!
  5. lastbook87
    06-02-2010 11:36 AM - permalink
    Hee, glad to hear it! Y'know, I think he'll be fine if he's in the box a few extra hours if it gets there on Friday. Priority is 2-3 days, so he might not show up until Saturday anyways. I think it'd be better if your boyfriend's brother took it out if he did get there, but more in the "put the betta and the water he comes in into a cup and float it in the tank" way than a full lecture, lol.
  6. metalbetta
    06-02-2010 04:10 AM - permalink
    Hey! Just so you know I've got everything set up and ready to go for Cameron! Only thing that's left is I need to get my butt out to wal mart and get a heater, but I should be able to do that tomorrow!
    My question is how long do you think his trip will take, I realized I'll be out of town Friday night for a gig with my band, and with my luck... lol. You think he'd be okay in the box for a few extra hours if he gets there after I leave? keeping my fingers crossed, and I may have to lecture my boyfriends brother on how to handle bettas.
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