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Conversation Between SemioticSleep and vaygirl
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  1. SemioticSleep
    07-10-2010 03:34 AM - permalink
    My walmart actually does a good job at keeping the fish. The reason is cause there is this certain lady who always checks on them and if anything is wrong she jumps all over management
  2. vaygirl
    07-09-2010 08:55 PM - permalink
    I'm kinda glad! I wouldn't trust my Walmart to keep fish. :P
  3. SemioticSleep
    07-09-2010 03:42 PM - permalink
    *gasp* no fish section!!!!! Sometimes I go to lowe's for my underwater plants,I think I'll check out that website.
  4. vaygirl
    07-09-2010 11:02 AM - permalink
    My Walmart doesn't have a fish section and my Petco doesn't have them all the time. I order all my plants from They're great.
  5. SemioticSleep
    07-08-2010 11:01 PM - permalink
    Walmart and petco carry live plant. Or you could go to almost any store and get lucky bamboo and depot it.
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