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Conversation Between LolaQuigs and RiverStoneBetta
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  1. RiverStoneBetta
    04-30-2011 11:29 AM - permalink
    Their betta selection seems to be random. Males, females, tail type, fin type, etc. I was looking at a pink female (half-moon, I think) before I got Fafnir. Check in every week or so, the stock will change. You might get lucky and get one like Fafnir.
  2. LolaQuigs
    04-30-2011 10:49 AM - permalink
    Oh ok, that one's actually really close to where I live. I've been there three or four times, and they do seem to take really good care of their fish. It's actually where I got my panda cories a few months ago. I went to the one on Gravois once, the parking situation was awful (street parking) and it didn't seem that much bigger/better than the one on Manchester, though they did have a HUGE arowana that was very cool to see. But every time I've gone to Aquaworld, the only bettas I have seen are crowntails; do they ever get in different tail types?
  3. RiverStoneBetta
    04-30-2011 01:19 AM - permalink
    The one I frequent is the AquaWorld in Ellisville, just off the intersection of Manchester and Old State Highway. There's another AquaWorld in Gravois that's supposed to be bigger, and if the quality is the same as this one, you'll probably never shop at chain stores again.
  4. LolaQuigs
    04-30-2011 01:14 AM - permalink
    Hi, I have a question! I saw you made a post in someone's thread about a fish you saw at your lfs...I was just wondering what local fish stores you go to! I live in the area, and I only know of a couple, so I'm always on the lookout for new fish places to check out!
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