Tropical Fish Keeping - Aquarium fish care and resources - jennybugs's Album: My tanks and inhabitants past and present
My tanks and inhabitants past and present
Just some of my favourite photos. I hope you enjoy!
Jewel wrasse Lily
Fluval Osaka 155. 
Current tank that's had many 'scapes' throughout it's life.
My yellow watchman goby pair with their pistol shirmp...Muppet, Goby-wan and Ken-obi (the shrimp)
I love bubble tips!
puff ball
tank bred percs
my beautiful frogspawn
anemone shrimp
early tank shot. The nems are now huge!
shake that tushie
I love mini maxinems
red eye zoas
DD 12 gal nanocube  
Current tank with a dwarf wrasse, red leg hermit, turbo snails, mini maxi nems and a herd of sexy shrimp.
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