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  1. bloo97
    02-03-2011 06:08 PM - permalink
    Awesome! I will cut back as much as possible. It really sucks that they are doing this. Me being the conservationist I am I can only imagine how many animals are killed each year. ):
  2. wallywestisthebest333
    02-03-2011 05:57 PM - permalink
    If I and my college had the opportunity to buy our energy from sustainable sources like wind and solar farms I'd be one happy student but as it stands right now while I'm on the computer doing homework and giving and receiving advice on this forum I'm destroying another mountain.

    That's the terrible truth. So if you're not already keeping a close watch on how much electricity you use I definitely encourage you to start! =] Every little bit of energy saved helps! <3 =] I only keep lights on when I'm in a room and I'm thinking about lobbying the school to get motion sensor lights in our dorms and my apartment. It'd make my life easier because I wouldn't have to remember to turn things off! :'D

    Also Powerstrips (specifically surge protectors) are godsends. =] They're so useful for shutting everything down at once! =]
  3. wallywestisthebest333
    02-03-2011 05:56 PM - permalink
    8D <3<3<3<3<3 You're AWESOME!!!!!! *huggs*

    Yep Mountain Top Removal mining.

    I don't like the mining business period. I think underground mining is way better than MTR though! :/ It's the lesser of two evils.

    I think coal needs to be ditched all-together though sometime in the near future. The emissions from coal-fired powerplants are astonishing in how directly (diseases) and indirectly (climate change) harmful they are to human health and well-being. It's absolutely awful.
  4. bloo97
    02-03-2011 04:17 PM - permalink
    Wow, who knew. ):

    And yes, I'm still interested. Rant to me about it, I guess. :P

    Why do they blow the tops off? Is it for mining?
  5. wallywestisthebest333
    02-02-2011 09:22 PM - permalink
    Fortunately everyone's been fighting to get the school moved for a while now and we're getting it moved down the road (not like it'd help much if the dam broke because the whole town would go under but it's better than nothing)

    All this is happening so that coal-fired power plants can be run. This is why you probably haven't heard much of anything about it. We're up against the electric companies.
    As terrible as all of that sounds that's just the beginning of our problems.

    First though you'll have to tell me if you're still interested! =] I really hope you are because I'd like to have someone to talk about this with! <3 You don't have to come to the area to be active! Writting a letter to your senator (or electronically signing a pre-written one) helps TONS and it helps show your support! <3
  6. wallywestisthebest333
    02-02-2011 09:21 PM - permalink
    There's also a toxic sludge pond (like the breaks that happened in Tennessee and Kentucky a few years ago) right in front of an elementary school like 100 yards away from it. It doesn't sound like that big of a threat until you take this into account: The dam is made out of clay and earth, and it's taller than a sky scraper. That's a bunch of concentrated coal ash which is nothing but toxic heavy metals (it's also slightly radioactive) and the kids are a football field away from it.

    Then right across the street is the coal processing plant. A ton of ash comes out of that too but it's airborne and it ends up EVERYWHERE. Including in the kids' lungs! </3
  7. wallywestisthebest333
    02-02-2011 09:17 PM - permalink
    That's horrible enough but on top of that there are extremely toxic heavy metals in that rubble (the earth holds a lot of toxic materials) such as Arsenic and Mercury. These substances are exposed to weather and when it rains they wash down the rubble and into the base of the stream that used to flow through the valley before it was filled (there are severe flooding problems as well due to valley fills) and it ends up in the underground water table and in people's wells and into the county water systems at large. It's extremely difficult to filter these things out of the drinking water. As a result there's an incredibly high risk of cancer in the regions where Mountain Top Removal occurs and anyplace downstream.
  8. wallywestisthebest333
    02-02-2011 09:12 PM - permalink
    Let me start off by saying I LOVE YOU MORE THAN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES FOR ASKING!!!! <3 And I LOVE chocolate chip cookies!!! <3<3<3
    Secondly I'll send you a detailed private message about it with articles, videos, and other such media along with information, my personal experiences, and sites that you should check out! <3 Basically the mountain thing is Mountain Top Removal. It's where they literally blow up mountains. 500 mountains in the Appalachian Mountain Range have been decimated and the surrounding valleys have been filled with the rubble.
  9. bloo97
    02-02-2011 06:24 PM - permalink
    What's with the mountain thing?
  10. bloo97
    11-07-2010 04:20 PM - permalink

    I am awesome, and so are my fish. I saw a BEAUTIFUL VT girl today, but I couldn't get her. She was so small. ):

    But I DID get a cool asian temple thingy with bamboo today at Petco. :D
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