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  1. Oldfishlady
    09-22-2010 12:14 PM - permalink
    I wouldn't think so, usually once the symptom of drospy (edema) shows up to the point of scales sticking up it is usually fatal with 5-7 days more due to system failure and kidney shutting down. So if he has survived for 3 weeks I would say it is bacterial in nature-look for an antibiotic that covers/treats both gram negative and gram positive bacteria. The Epsom salt can be helpful for the symptom of dropsy (edema).
  2. Jimmysdad
    09-22-2010 10:47 AM - permalink
    It can't still be dropsy if he's had it about 3 weeks can it?
  3. Oldfishlady
    09-22-2010 10:23 AM - permalink
    I use Epsom salt 1tsp/gal up to 3tsp/gal (not aquarium salt) for no longer than 10 days along with daily 100% water changes
    I keep them in the Epsom salt 24/7 a treatment not a bath/dip
    I pre-mix my Epsom salt 1tsp/gal in a clean 1g jug to make dosage and water changes easier.
  4. Jimmysdad
    09-22-2010 09:28 AM - permalink
    My betta is still living although very bloated. The maracyn two and aquarium salt do not help with the swelling. He floats at the top and and sometimes eats. Is there anything else for the bloating?
  5. karlhague
    09-21-2010 04:53 PM - permalink
    Ah thanks..

    Just trying to work out what to do with these Endlers, 2 are grey/black , the other is yellow,

    No idea how old, the lady didn't really have a clue, (she got 2 male endlers and 6 females.

    And got over run with them, So she threw some in with the shrimp, we tried separating them but they kept jumping back in the bag, so she gave in
  6. Oldfishlady
    09-21-2010 04:40 PM - permalink
    Awesome, the betta food should not be a problem for the Endlers
    Lucky Endler fry too, my Bettas gobble up guppy fry pretty fast in my Bettas have never been a problem for adult guppies...I have lots of both species all in the same tanks and only guppy newborn to 1 week old fry are in a week or so old they are too big and fast for the Bettas to natural population control...laffs.....
    My RCS adults have been safe with the Bettas but I am sure they do get some of the shrimpletts....except in one of my experimental 20g spawning shrimp don't last long with 5 females and 1 male even with all the plants, but in the 75g with all the Bettas and guppies the shrimp tank size has made a difference in my case and survival of Shrimp.....
  7. karlhague
    09-21-2010 03:41 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL.

    Solar maimed 3 shrimps, the rest have know been moved into the community tank down stairs.

    How-ever He is still with 3 Endler Fry (they came free with the shrimps)...

    Which I wasnt expecting to last a night with him, almost a week later and their still there, and he still isnt bothering them..

    No idea how old they are, I'm feeding them really really small pieces of flakes, And Daphnia .

    But they keep stealing Solar's Betta flakes and pellets.. will it hurt them?

    They hide in the plants if Solar goes near, and Very very quietly zip to the other side of the tank out of they way, (they are way too fast for him)..
  8. Oldfishlady
    09-20-2010 02:48 PM - permalink
    That is what I would do too.......
  9. weluvbettas
    09-20-2010 12:54 PM - permalink
    i think i gonna have the euthanise him sadly he is a pale white and he hardly swims now im gonna just put him in a container and put him in the freezer and just let him go sadly.
  10. Oldfishlady
    09-20-2010 12:46 PM - permalink
    Through his gills, but floating on the back is not a good sign sadly.....sometimes the injury can be worse than you think, you may want to lower the water level some and put the fish in a dark quiet place and hope for the best....but honestly it doesn't sound good.....

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