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  1. Oldfishlady
    10-12-2010 09:29 AM - permalink
    Good to hear I hope he makes a full recovery....
  2. Jimmysdad
    10-12-2010 08:32 AM - permalink
    Hey OFL,
    Great news... my Fishy is getting better. Swelling way down, bubble on belly shrinking able to swim on the bottom again, it's a miracle. Going to continue to fast him, and use the maracyn two and epsom salt.
  3. Oldfishlady
    10-09-2010 03:05 PM - permalink
    PK-Plakat or short finned Betta splendens
  4. BettaGirl290
    10-09-2010 01:02 PM - permalink
    i know this is a sorta weird question, but what does pk mean again? i forgot......
  5. Oldfishlady
    10-08-2010 07:53 PM - permalink
    It should be fine since you will need at least a 75-100g tank to house the GKF for the first year or two, however, you would be taking a risk.....honestly I wouldn't recommend it.....
    Good to hear the fish is better
    My fry are growing fast soon to go to market at the end of the month
  6. weluvbettas
    10-08-2010 04:35 PM - permalink
    The fish is doing better. Im so happy.

    How are all the fry?

    HHow would you feel with a betta live with a ghost knife fish in a heavily planed tank . Good or bad?
  7. Oldfishlady
    10-05-2010 03:06 PM - permalink
    Hard to say, but until then, I would QT and start making 100% daily WC's
  8. weluvbettas
    10-05-2010 12:49 PM - permalink
    I Have just rang my nanna who used to be a nurse. She said she will pick some up from the pharmcy tommorow. Will the fish last until tommorow?
  9. Oldfishlady
    10-05-2010 12:42 PM - permalink
    Sometimes aquarium salt can make swelling problems worse-it all depends on what the cause of the popeye was to start-you can usually pick up Epson salt for less than 3-4 bucks at most store with a pharmacy dept or if you have an older neighbor...ask is used in humans for foot soaks, aches and pains, laxative, general tonic type stuff or someone that gardens a lot it is used for flowering shrub, lawns etc.....they may have some...all you need is a tsp or so......
  10. weluvbettas
    10-05-2010 12:01 PM - permalink
    Would aqaurium salt workfor the whole process? I only have aquarium salt at this moment in tiime and wont be able to get any meds as im short on cash.

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